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Known Issue: Collaborate with the Ultra experience slide conversion problems

Date Published: Jun 13,2018

CategoryProduct:Ultra Experience; Version:Ultra Experience
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Collaborate - Ultra Experience
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Ultra Experience
Known issue with PowerPoint slide conversion in Collaborate Ultra experience.


Issue Description:

PowerPoint slides are converted to images using our hosted conversion service before being displayed in Collaborate Ultra.  We have received many reports of issues occurring during the PowerPoint slide conversion process in Collaborate Ultra.  These issues range from misaligned text and images, odd font sizing and missing slide content, among others.   The issues are seen most frequently when uploading slides containing multiple images, math equations, complex backgrounds and certain fonts (Note: Custom fonts will not be among the fonts installed on the conversion system and should not be used).



If your PowerPoint slides do not convert as you expect, there are several simple workarounds available. (Note: PowerPoint/PDF files with more than 500 pages cannot be converted). 

  1. We have found that the best workaround is exporting from PowerPoint to PDF, and then upload the PDF file instead of the PowerPoint file to Collaborate Ultra. 
  2. An alternative is exporting from PowerPoint slides to image files, and then upload the image files instead of the PowerPoint file to Collaborate Ultra (Note: Screen readers can only read text content on PowerPoint and PDF files, not on image files). 
  3. One final option is using Application Sharing to share a PowerPoint slideshow (Note: Application Sharing utilizes more bandwidth than uploading files to the Whiteboard.  Additionally, when sharing a PowerPoint slideshow, you must share the entire screen to display the slideshow).


An overhaul of our in-house service for converting PowerPoint files in Collaborate Ultra is needed to resolve these issues.  However, due to a number or high priority projects currently planned to improve the overall Collaborate Ultra experience, PowerPoint conversion improvements are not planned in the near future.

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