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Ultra Experience: Audio and Microphone being blocked by the browser

Date Published: Sep 05,2017

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:Collaborate; Product:First Time Users,Help & FAQs; Version:Ultra Experience
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Collaborate - Ultra Experience
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This will be the message that the end user will see if the audio does not have access through the web browser, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


The following steps can be used to help the end user make sure that the audio, input and output, will be recognized by the browser.
1)  Right click on the Sound icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen.  Then choose Playback devices for output or Recording devices for input.
2)  In the new screen choose the hardware that the end user will be using and make sure its enabled.
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After doing this go ahead and disable the other devices, they can be re-enabled later if the end user wants.  You can disable the device by right clicking on it and choose Disable.
3)  To test the device, right click on it and choose Test.
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4)  For the microphone, click on the Recording tab.  Locate the device the end user will be using then right click on it and choose Test.
5)  After doing this for the devices, click on the Windows icon and locate the search bar.  Type in it 'audio' and then look for the option "Find and fix audio playback problems"
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6)  In the new window click on the Advanced option near the bottom of the window
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7)  Next, check mark the box next to Apply repairs automatically.
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8)  Repeat the same steps for the Microphone as well.
9)  Restart the computer.  Once it has restarted and back on the desktop screen have the end user get into an Ultra session.  They will have to allow the browser access to the audio devices.  For Chrome it is on the right hand side of the URL box and for Firefox it is on the left hand side of the URL box.

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