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Collaborate Large Event Request

Date Published: May 24,2021

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A Collaborate Large Event is defined as a session consisting of 250 - 500 concurrent attendees.  

Clients can create Large Event Sessions in one of two ways:

  1. Clients using the Collaborate Scheduler, the Collaborate Ultra B2 or Collaborate LTI to create their sessions can now configure their own Large Event sessions by following the steps listed below. Clients that are able to create their own Large Events, no longer need to submit a support case to the Collaborate Support team.
  2. Clients using the SOAP API or REST API do not have the option to configure their own Large Event sessions at this time. These clients still need to request a Large Event by opening a Behind the Blackboard case. Click here for requisites and steps to submit a request for a Large Event.


  • Moderator Access Licenses are limited to a maximum of 100 users per session and therefore do not qualify to have a Large Event under this license type.
  • The session name must contain only alphanumeric characters.
  • Collaborate Large Events must be  less than 24 hours in duration.
  • Recurring sessions are not supported for Collaborate Large Events; please create a new session for each event.
  • Collaborate Large Events will have chat, whiteboard editing, webcam and microphone sharing disabled upon entry for participants. Participant chat can be enabled in session by a moderator via My Settings > Session Settings. Breakout Groups are also unavailable for Large Events.
  • Collaborate Large Event sessions can now be scheduled through an LMS as follows:
Supported LMS Platforms
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Building Block for Learn.
  • LTI integrations.
  • Collaborate Ultra Plugin for Moodle configured with REST credentials.
    • Users cannot configure their own Large Event sessions via the Moodle Plugin (REST); these sessions must be configured by the Collaborate Support team.
    • Users interested in creating their own Large Event sessions within Moodle should refer to their system administrator to consider integrating Collaborate via LTI. Administrators please submit a case to Collaborate Support for assistance.
  • Course Rooms cannot be configured as Large Events.
Unsupported LMS Platforms
  • Blackboard Collaborate (Original) Building Block for Learn.
  • Collaborate Ultra Plugin for Moodle configured with SOAP Credentials.

Creating a Blackboard Collaborate Large Event Session
Users can create a Collaborate Large Event Session from the Collaborate Scheduler (,,,
Some users can also create Collaborate Large Event sessions from their LMS Courses. Click here for a list of supported platforms.
The session creation page is broken down into four sections:
Session information, Event Details, Invitations, Session Settings.

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Session Information
The topmost portion of the Session creation form contains basic information about the session including session name, telephony information, and guest link.
Event Details
The event details section contains all information pertaining to Date and Time of session.
A Collaborate Large Event session cannot be a repeating session.
A Collaborate Large Event session cannot be an open ended session with no end time.
A Collaborate Large Event session must have a specified Start and End time no more than 24 hours apart.
Users may set an Early Entry time for their Collaborate Large Event if desired.
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There are 2 ways to invite guests to Collaborate sessions.

  • Enable guest access and send out the session guest link - The session guest link is not tied to a specific individual. Upon joining a session, guests will be prompted to enter their name. All guests joining the Large Event session via the guest link will join with the Participant role.
  • Email Invitation (Scheduler Only) - users may invite guests to their session by creating an invitation and entering the guest's name, email address and specifying a role for the guest (Participant, Presenter, Moderator).

To create an Invitation, expand the "Invitations" section of the session creation form.
Click the plus sign to invite a guest.
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Enter guest's full name, email address and choose a role for the guest (participant, presenter, moderator) 
Click Invite Attendee

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When creating a Large Event session from an LMS course, users will not have access to the Invitations section of the form.
Instead, users will need to enable guest access and send the guest link to all guests.
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During the Large Event, guests can be promoted to presenter or moderator by opening the Attendee panel, clicking the ellipses next to the guest's name and selecting either Make Moderator or Make Presenter.
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Session Settings
You may select any settings that you desire under Session Settings.
You must select "Allow 250+ attendees to join" in order for your session to be treated as a Large Event.

**Please note that the box labeled "Allow 250+ attendees to join" will only appear AFTER you click the Create session button. 

"Share Audio, Share Video, Post Chat Messages and Write on Whiteboard or Files" will be deselected by the  system upon saving the Large Event Session. 
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Click Save.


Requisites for Submitting a Request to Collaborate Support

  • Requests should be submitted to Collaborate Support at least 2 business days prior to the event.
  • Please set the appropriate date, start time and end time for the Collaborate session before submitting a support case.
  • When submitting a request for more than one session, please fill out the Large Event request TEMPLATE and attach it to your support case.
  • When submitting a Large Event request, please provide Valid guest links for each session.
  • Please create a session invitation for the instructor and set the role to Moderator.
  • When submitting a Large Event request, please do not provide the guest link to participants until Support confirms that the session is configured.


Process for Submitting a Request to Collaborate Support

Requests should be submitted to Collaborate Support when a session is expected to consist of 250 - 500 concurrent attendees.
Requests are submitted by way of a support case via Behind the Blackboard using the following fields where applicable:

  • Product: Collaborate
  • Issue Topic: Scheduler
  • Functional Area: Session Management
  • Subject/Error Message: Large Event Request (or similar)
  • Case Description should include the following: 
    • Session Contact
    • Session Date/Time
    • Duration of Session
    • # of Expected Attendees
    • Session Name
    • Guest Link
    • Any additional details

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Best Practices for Moderators in Large Events when using Collaborate:

  • Let your participants join the session early. This gives new participants a chance to get familiar with the room and what they can and can't do. Join the session early yourself and practice using the tools.
  • Upload files and arrange any application windows that you'll need during the session.
  • All moderators should access the settings to configure their audio before the session begins. This can be done within the session by clicking My Settings > Set up your camera and microphone. To learn more, click here.
  • Mute yourself when not speaking. Nothing is more distracting than hearing outside sounds like typing or a side conversation.
  • Chat for participants is disabled by default, but can be enable by a Moderator in the session under My Settings > Session Settings. We suggest leaving the chat disabled during the presentation and having designated Question and Answer periods when the chat is enabled so users can ask questions.

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