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Web Conferencing - How do I configure a Personal Firewall / Router for my Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing session?

Date Published: Jun 16,2014

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This article provides instructions on configure several personal firewall programs and tips on what ports to open for a personal router.

Affected Platforms

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

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General Tips:

If your Personal Firewall is not listed in the above, here are a few general steps that you can use to configure your firewall.

  • You will need to allow Java Web Start (javaws.exe) access to the internet — this may require both inbound and outbound connections.
  • Web conferencing or Elluminate Live!may require access separately — you will need to allow this on both inbound and outbound connections as well.
  • You may be prompted to allow IeEmbed access to the internet when conducting a Web Tour.


Configuring your Personal Router

Since most routers (for both wireless and wired connections) are shipped with a firewall enabled, you may have to configure them to allow web conferencing or Elluminate Live! traffic through. You may need to do this by allowing access on the specified ports, allowing access to the previously specified application or allowing access to hosts listed below. Configuration differs between routers so we advise checking the manual the shipped with your router and using the following information as supplement.

Configure Ports

Please note that Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing connects on one of these TCP ports:

  • 80
  • 443
  • 2187

Web Conferencing establishes a connection through these ports. Once this connection has been made it will remain open and transfer all communication through a proprietary protocol called the Collaborative Communication Framework (CCF), which is layered on a TCP transport protocol.

Note for Blackboard Collaborate Mobile users: If you are using Blackboard Collaborate Mobile you must connect to web conferencing sessions on port 2187.

Configure Firewalls

When using Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing, you may need to configure or confirm settings in your Personal Firewall and web content filters to allow the download of both JNLP files (or content types) and Java application archive (JAR) files. 

Configuring your personal firewall

We have included information for the several popular firewall applications. If the personal firewall application you are using is not in the list, see the General Tips below.

Additional Notes

  • Only users invited to a web conferencing session (those with a session link) may connect to a Blackboard Collaborate server.
  • The connection to the server is always initiated from the client
  • After connection, data is exchanged only between clients and the Blackboard Collaborate server. Data is never exchanged between clients.



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For more information, and access to a 24-hour Configuration Room you can use to test your ability to login to a Blackboard Collaborate session, please refer to KBA 37153.

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