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Blackboard Collaborate - Course Management Systems and Operating Systems Supported by Blackboard Collaborate Products

Date Published: Oct 05,2017

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Blackboard Collaborate
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Blackboard Collaborate Supported Course Management Systems

This article lists the Course Management Systems and versions thereof that currently integrate with Blackboard Collaborate products. The information in this document is valid for the most recent current versions of Blackboard Collaborate products. For detailed information about which version of the Blackboard Collaborate integration you need to use with your version of a supported CMS, contact technical support.

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Definitions of Terms

Certified: fully tested and supported.
Compatible: partially tested and supported.
Provisional: untested but supported.
Unsupported: impossible or not supported.

*Note: Later versions of a CMS labeled Compatible or Certified are provisionally supported by Blackboard Collaborate Support unless otherwise noted.

Blackboard Learn

 Blackboard Learn 8.0Blackboard Learn 9.0Blackboard Learn 9.1 (Service Pack 0-8)Blackboard Learn 9.1 (Latest Release)
Blackboard Collaborate web conferencingCompatibleCompatibleCertified*Compatible
Blackboard Collaborate instant messengerCompatibleCertifiedCertifiedCompatible

*Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 5 is Unsupported.


 Moodle 2.0.xMoodle 2.1.xMoodle 2.2.xMoodle 2.3.xMoodle 2.4.x
Blackboard Collaborate web conferencingProvisionalProvisionalCompatibleCompatibleCertified
Blackboard Collaborate instant messengerProvisionalProvisionalCompatibleCompatibleCertified


 Angel 7.1Angel 7.2Angel 7.3Angel 7.4Angel 8.0
Blackboard Collaborate web conferencingUnsupportedUnsupportedCompatibleCertified*Certified
Blackboard Collaborate instant messengerUnsupportedUnsupportedUnsupportedUnsupportedUnsupported

*Requires at least Angel 7.4 Service Pack 1 or higher


 Sakai 2.7.xSakai 2.8.x
Blackboard Collaborate web conferencingCompatibleCompatible
Elluminate Live!CertifiedCertified

LTI Consumers

Refer to IMS Interoperability Conformance Certification Status for information on what tools for information on which tool consumers have been certified by the IMS as LTI compatible.

Blackboard Collaborate Web ConferencingCertified

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