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Web Conferencing - Troubleshooting Connection Issues

Date Published: Mar 24,2016

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Collaborate - Web Conferencing
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This article with assist with troubleshooting common connection issues.


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Connection issues can occur in the following circumstances:

  • Your Internet connection is inactive or unstable. If your download of the JNLP/Collab (session) files hangs (e.g., you are stuck on the Splash screen), you may have a network connection issue.

    • Test that you have an active Internet connection by launching the configuration room.

    • It is possible that a poor connection (such as a satellite, wireless or connection to a congested network) could be causing latency problems. If using a wireless connection, try switching to a wired connection. If you have other devices using the same connection, disconnect them to preserve bandwidth.

    • If you are able to connect but are experiencing latency problems (e.g., delays in receipt of Audio, Video and Application Sharing), there may be a problem with your connection speed. For details, see the Lowering your connection speed to resolve connection and latency issues. Latency may also indicate an issue with bandwidth. For tips on managing your bandwidth, see Best practices for managing bandwidth in web conferencing sessions.

  • A router or network device is blocking the connection.

  • A network proxy is blocking the connection.

  • Security software is blocking the connection.

    • Verify that the personal computer security software is allowing Java to access * and *
  • Security or network rules are preventing connections over port 80, 2187 or 443.

    • Check ports 80, 2187 and 443 and ensure that they are open and accessible to and

    • Verify that all proxy configurations allow access to and over ports 80, 2187 and 443. Refer to the following Knowledge Base article:
      Authentication and Port Check Process

  • A “Connection failed” error has occurred. You will receive a “Connection failed” error when you are unable to connect to the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing server. In such cases, you may receive an error similar (but not limited to) the screen captures below:

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User-added image
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Below is a list of common “Connection failed” errors, including links to Knowledge Base articles that discuss them:




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