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Mobile (iOS) - System Requirements for Blackboard Collaborate Mobile (iOS) Web Conferencing

Date Published: Oct 10,2017

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Blackboard Collaborate Mobile (iOS) Web Conferencing System Requirements

Below, please find the supported devices and recommended system specifications for using Blackboard Collaborate mobile (iOS) web conferencing.

Blackboard Collaborate mobile web conferencing is free to enterprise and departmental-licensed customers and supports mobile devices, including iPad ,iPod Touch and iPhone.

It must be enabled by your institution to function, and you must be using Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing V12 or later


Definitions of Terms

Certified: fully tested and supported.
Compatible: partially tested and supported.
Provisional: untested but supported.
Unsupported: impossible or not supported.
Not Applicable: device and OS are not a combination supported by Apple.

Note: Later versions of the supported devices labeled Compatible or Certified are provisionally supported by Blackboard Collaborate Support unless otherwise noted.

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile Web Conferencing

DeviceiOS 10iOS 11
iPhone 5CertifiedNot Applicable
iPhone 5CCompatibleNot Applicable
iPhone 5SCompatibleCompatible
iPhone 6CompatibleCompatible
iPhone 6 PlusCompatibleCompatible
iPhone 6SCompatibleCompatible
iPhone 6S PlusCompatibleCompatible
iPhone SECertifiedCertified
iPhone 7CertifiedCertified
iPhone 7 PlusCertifiedCertified
iPhone 8Not ApplicableProvisional
iPhone 8 PlusNot ApplicableProvisional
iPhone XNot ApplicableProvisional
iPod Touch (6th generation)CompatibleCompatible
iPad (4th generation)CertifiedNot Applicable
iPad (5th generation)CompatibleCompatible
iPad AirCompatibleCompatible
iPad Air 2CompatibleCompatible
iPad mini 2CompatibleCompatible
iPad mini 3CompatibleCompatible
iPad mini 4CompatibleCompatible
9.7-inch iPad ProCompatibleCompatible
10.5-inch iPad ProCompatibleCompatible
12.9-inch iPad Pro (1st generation)CompatibleCompatible
12.9-inch iPad Pro (2nd generation)CertifiedCertified
  • Blackboard Collaborate Mobile Web Conferencing, available in version V12 or later, is included in the license for enterprise and departmental-licensed customers and has already been enabled for these accounts.  Mobile is not available for Moderator access, or single room vClass customers. 
  • If you are using the Blackboard Student app or Blackboard Instructor app for your Blackboard Learn course and you are using Collaborate Web Conferencing "Original" in your course, these two apps will not launch the Blackboard Collaborate app for Collaborate "Original" sessions. To use Collaborate "Original" from Blackboard Learn, login to Blackboard Learn in a browser such as Safari to launch your session.
  • If you are using Blackboard Collaborate Mobile you must connect to Web Conferencing sessions on port 2187.

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