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Known Issue/Investigation in Progress: Browser freezes intermittently when sharing application or screen on Windows

Date Published: Feb 04,2021

CategoryProduct:Ultra Experience; Version:Ultra Experience
Article No.: 000075211
Collaborate - Ultra Experience
Service Pack(s):
Ultra Experience
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Some users have reported that browsers freeze, or becomes unresponsive, intermittently when sharing an application, or sharing their screen in Collaborate Ultra on Windows. This issue does not affect all users and does not occur during all sessions. The issue has reportedly occurred while using different browser versions on Windows.


The user sharing an application or their screen may experience the Collaborate tab, or entire browser, freeze for 1-2 minutes before becoming responsive again. It has been reported in some instances that the browser crashed or remained frozen indefinitely, requiring a force quit.


  1. One workaround is to try using a different supported browser until a fix is released.
  2. Chrome users should disable "Hardware Acceleration" by going to chrome://settings > Advanced > under System turn off "Use hardware acceleration when available" > Relauch Chrome  

  3. Another possible workaround for moderators who are appsharing presentations is to upload the file to the whiteboard instead, if possible. This is also a best practice for optimizing bandwidth consumption.
This is an intermittent issue. Our development team is prioritizing investigation work to find a resolution for this issue. This article will be updated when the issue is fixed. You may click in the top right corner on "Follow" to be informed of updates to this article.


When opening a case in Behind the Blackboard to report this issue, please include the following information if possible:
  1. Browser name.
  2. Browser version number.
  3. Windows version number.
  4. A brief description of what happened, including as much detail as possible about what you were doing at the time the issue occurred.
  5. A brief explanation of what you expected to happen at the time the issue occurred.
  6. Can you easily replicate the issue?
  7. Copy browser console logs and paste into the case, if the browser did not become completely unresponsive and require a force quit.
  8. Copy "Report an Issue" report from any session and paste into the case.

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