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Known Issue: Collaborate Chatbot stuck loading

Date Published: May 13,2021

CategoryProduct:Collaborate; Version:Collaborate
Article No.: 000075542
Collaborate - Ultra Experience
Service Pack(s):
When a user tries to load the Chatbot in a Collaborate session using the Chrome browser, the Chatbot gets stuck loading with the following message; "An agent is on the way".


The Chatbot appears to be contacting an agent, however it remains on the launching screen pictured below. It will time out over a period of time.

An agent is on the way.png


It has been identified that the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials Chrome extension was preventing the Chatbot from launching. This can also happen for some users when using Private browsing, i.e. New Incognito Window or using another privacy extension.


Disabling the DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials extension will allow for the Chatbot to launch. If you do not want to disable this extension, or any other Privacy extensions, you can use one of the following options;
  • Use another certified browser
  • Not use a Private Window for your Collaborate sessions
  • Access the Chatbot from the Behind the Blackboard site here (pictured below)

BtBb Chatbot.png

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