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  • Activity Stream not Displaying for a User
    Known Issue —Jan 23, 2020

    Article No. #: 000049542 —Activity Stream not displaying for a User.

  • Signature and Premier Partners
    Other Resource —Jan 22, 2020

    Article No. #: 000013666 —This article contains a listing of and links to our Signature and Premier Partner Building Block downloads.

  • Files with Spaces in File Names Cannot be Exported from Apps on iOS
    Known Issue —Jan 21, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051881 —Files with file names containing spaces or other URL %-encoded characters cannot be exported from the Blackboard or Blackboard Instructor app on iOS devices.

  • Plans to Phase out Blackboard Collaborate Original Regionally
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jan 21, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051001 —With the strong global adoption of Collaborate Ultra, Blackboard has made the strategic decision to phase out Collaborate Original.  As of May 1, 2020, Collaborate Original will no longer be available in Sydney, which serves clients in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.  As of August 1, 2020, Collaborate Original will no longer be available to clients hosted in Calgary, which primarily serves clients in Canada, and some clients in Latin America, Europe, AMEA, and North America regions.  As the go-forward strategy, we are encouraging all clients using Collaborate Original to transition to Collaborate Ultra. 

  • Blackboard Learn Skill for Amazon Alexa Now Available
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jan 16, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051730 —We are pleased to announce the availability of the Blackboard Learn Skill for Amazon Alexa. This new skill allows students to access information about their Blackboard Learn assignments through any US-registered Alexa supported device.

  • Learn SaaS Test/Stage Environments: January 14, 2020 (v3800.2.0) Update (Continuous Delivery)
    Maintenance Release —Jan 15, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051884

  • Learn 3rd Party Building Blocks and Java 11 Readiness
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jan 13, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051121 —To address recent changes in Oracle’s Java support model, Blackboard Learn is transitioning to adopt a more recent version of Java, Java 11 Corretto JDK.

  • Text Not Sent Status
    Known Issue —Jan 13, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051872 —Blackboard is investigating an issue where a small percentage of SMS recipients within SMS communications are being reported as Text Not Sent.

  • Intermittent Delays with Message Delivery
    Known Issue —Jan 13, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051871 —Blackboard is investigating an issue where the hand-off of voice communication to our internal service is experiencing intermittent delays.

  • DDA SSL Certificate Expiration
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jan 10, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051867