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  • Rubric Information not Retained when Saved as Draft for Discussion Posts made Before Grading is Enabled
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000049881 —Rubric grading and feedback for Discussion Board posts that were created before grading was enabled can't be saved as draft. When this information is saved as draft only the grade is retained. Rubric information and feedback are not retained.

  • Hierarchy Node Administrators see Error Messages when Viewing Courses in the Node
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050556 —Hierarchy Node Administrators see permission errors in Courses with Guest Access turned off.

  • LTI Tools' context_id_history is not Populated when Course Copying into Existing Course
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050273 —LTI tools' context_id_history is not populated when doing Course Copy into existing Course.

  • Deep Linked Items are not Available by Default
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000049645 —When deep-linking an LTI Tool in a Content Area of a Course, the resulting Content Item is not Available by Default.

  • Incorrect case for Time Format for Assignments when Using the AU Language Pack
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000049865 —Incorrect case for Time format for Assignments when using the AU Language Pack.

  • Institution Branding not Working on Domain Alias for Ultra Environments
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050495 —Alias Domains for Ultra Environments do not display the correct branding for the Institution Page of the Activity Stream.

  • Students have Access to Files from a Content Collection Folder Which is Linked in Course Content
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000047951 —If an Instructor adds a direct link for their personal Content Collection folder, into a Course's Content Area, the Students will be able to access the files within it. This is a bug.

  • Rubric Grid Subscores do not show for Students
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000049499 —Rubric grid subscores do not show for Students.

  • Error Using Dismiss All Course Messages in What's New Module on Notification Dashboard
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000041213 —When going to the Notification Dashboard the What's New module contains Course Messages. Clicking the option to Dismiss All results in an error message "Error in removing notifications! Error removing notifications for user: _pk1_1"

  • Custom Language Pack Displays 10undefined00 Instead of Decimal in Grade Center
    Known Issue —Jun 17, 2019

    Article No. #: 000050607 —Custom Language Pack causes 10undefined00 to be displayed instead of a decimal in the Grade Center.