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Duplicate Tests, Surveys and Pools can Accumulate to Problematic Levels
Known IssueJul 30, 2021
Article #: 000075738
—Due to cyclical or recursive copying: duplicates of Tests, Surveys and Pools can accumulate in Original Experience Courses. Eventually, they can grow to such a level as to cause performance problems.
Community Engagement Client Support Phone Numbers
Other ResourceJul 30, 2021
Article #: 000072052
—This article contains information for contacting Client Support for Community Engagement.
Error Occurs when Associating Course or User to Hierarchy Node
Known IssueJul 29, 2021
Article #: 000060985
—If setting the DSK from the feed file or using a custom script to generate the DSK in an integration, an error is thrown when running a Course or User Association feed more than once.
Upcoming Webinar Series: Exploring Ultra
Support Bulletin/Security AdvisoryJul 28, 2021
Article #: 000075757
—Join us to explore the features and functions of Base Navigation and Ultra Course View.
Collaborate Ultra Networking Information and Requirements
Product DocumentationJul 28, 2021
Article #: 000058651
—This article details the ports and IP addresses needed for using Collaborate with the Ultra experience.
The Destination Course List is not Alphabetically Sorted When Copying Content
Known IssueJul 26, 2021
Article #: 000075736
—In the Original view, when the copy option is used on a created item, the destination course list is not sorted alphabetically.
Embedded Course Videos Stopped Working When Trying to Play Embedded Videos
Known IssueJul 26, 2021
Article #: 000075586
—Embedded course videos stopped working when trying to play any embedded videos by different users.
Resolved Known Issue: Audio feedback when microphone is unmuted for the first time in Chrome v92
Known IssueJul 25, 2021
Article #: 000075742
—When a user initiates the microphone for the first time in Chrome 92, the user will hear audio feedback.
Resolved Known Issue: Incoming audio for Application Share host and local preview of Application Share and Webcam is missing for Google Chrome version 92 and Microsoft Edge version 92
Known IssueJul 25, 2021
Article #: 000075741
—Users of version 92 of the Chrome and Edge browsers that host an Application Share or Webcam feed will not see a preview of their shared content locally. Audio from others in the session will also cease for the host of an Application Share.
Unable to Update Due Date using the REST API For Courses Copied From a Template Course
Known IssueJul 23, 2021
Article #: 000075202
—When courses are copied from a template course, due dates aren't updated using the REST API.