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  • Automated Notification Delay for Subset of Clients. (Resolved)
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Sep 18, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052742 —A subset of Blackboard Mass Notifications clients are currently experiencing a delay in processing automated attendance and demographic imports of up to one hour. These messages and imports are still being sent/processed, but with the aforementioned possible delay. Our development team is working diligently to resolve this issue as soon as possible. *Update: Our development team has resolved this issue. All automated messages are now running at the expected times.

  • Collaborate Ultra - FAQ: I am in a session with no other users or no instructor
    Product Documentation —Sep 18, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052743 —This FAQ answers questions about what to check when a user finds themselves in a Collaborate Ultra session alone or without the instructor

  • Blackboard Annotate Deployment is Complete
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Sep 17, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052736 —We have completed the deployment for Bb Annotate. Our final step of the migration process will be switching Assignment uploads to Amazon’s S3 service. If running an instance of Learn with a version less than Q4 2019 Cumulative Update 3 (3700.0.3), Q2 2019 Cumulative Update 7 (3500.0.7), or Q4 2019 Cumulative Update 13 (3400.0.13), a server restart will be required between Sept 25th and Oct 25th to maintain annotation functionality on new assignments. Self-Hosted clients are encouraged to review firewall rules.

  • Cumulative Update 6 for Blackboard Learn, 9.1 Q4 2019
    Announcement —Sep 17, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052735 —Blackboard is pleased to announce the availability of Cumulative Update 6 for the Blackboard Learn 9.1, Q4 2019 Release.

  • Cumulative Update 13 for Blackboard Learn, 9.1 Q4 2018
    Announcement —Sep 17, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052734 —Blackboard is pleased to announce the availability of Cumulative Update 13 for the Blackboard Learn 9.1, Q4 2018 Release.

  • Featured Partners
    Other Resource —Sep 15, 2020

    Article No. #: 000013666 —This article contains a listing of and links to our Featured Partner Building Blocks.

  • Assessment Passwords do not work and Cause Errors with Proctoring Software such as Respondus
    Known Issue —Sep 10, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052709 —Assessment Passwords are not working consistently in 3800.17. This causes errors with test proctoring software, which relies on the password feature to prevent non-proctored access to the test.

  • Unable to reorder content items in Firefox in course content areas after reloading
    Known Issue —Sep 09, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052615 —Unable to reorder content items in course content areas after reloading using Firefox.

  • Collaborate Original: How to Download Legacy Recordings
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Sep 09, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052052 —As previously communicated, Blackboard is planning to phase out Collaborate Original regionally in the four (4) managed hosted data centers. Review this article to view important dates and instructions on how to download recordings.

  • Changes to Storage Retention Policy in Learn SaaS Sites
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Sep 08, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052710 —Blackboard is changing the Content Collection system's deleted file retention period from 45 days to 32 days on clients' Learn SaaS sites. Review this Support Bulletin for more details.