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  • Known Issue - Collaborate Ultra: Sessions with # in the title produces a J05 error
    Known Issue —Jun 22, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049187 —Users joining a Collaborate Ultra session/course room with a # in the title will receive a J05 error message.

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Firefox 57- AppShare not visible if started without stopping existing AppShare
    Known Issue —Jun 22, 2018

    Article No. #: 000048797 —Firefox 57 will not show AppShare selection dialog box to start a new AppShare if the existing AppShare is not closed first.

  • Upcoming Changes to
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jun 22, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049144 —Please review this article to see what changes are coming for

  • Known Issue: Logging into SAS results in a redirect to the Ultra Scheduler
    Known Issue —Jun 20, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049169 —When users try to login to the SAS, they are redirected to the Ultra Scheduler.

  • Configuring Collaborate Ultra B2
    Product Documentation —Jun 19, 2018

    Article No. #: 000042579 —This article contains basic information pertaining to configuring the new Collaborate Ultra building block.

  • Known Issue - Users unable to launch Collaborate Original Sessions
    Known Issue —Jun 19, 2018

    Article No. #: 000048300 —Users intermittently get an error message stating "Unable to Launch Application" when launching Collaborate Original sessions.

  • Collaborate Ultra - How to manually set the language in a session
    Product Documentation —Jun 15, 2018

    Article No. #: 000047639 —This article provides instruction on how to manually set a language in a Collaborate Ultra session.

  • Collaborate with the Ultra experience June 2018 Update
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jun 14, 2018

    Article No. #: 000048843 —We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Collaborate with the Ultra experience June 2018 update.

  • Blackboard Collaborate Original - Allow New Domain and IP Address
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jun 14, 2018

    Article No. #: 000048733 —Configure your network to allow Blackboard Collaborate's new domain and IP address for Collaborate Original .jar downloads. This support bulletin contains important information so please review the details below carefully.

  • Known Issue: Collaborate with the Ultra experience slide conversion problems
    Known Issue —Jun 13, 2018

    Article No. #: 000049141 —Known issue with PowerPoint slide conversion in Collaborate Ultra experience.