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Installation and Configuration Guide for Collaborate with the Ultra experience LTI integration and Canvas
Product DocumentationMar 24, 2017
Article #: 000041093
—This article is written for Canvas administrators and describes how to configure a Canvas instance to use Collaborate with the Ultra experience via an LTI integration.
Collaborate with the Ultra experience April 2017 Update
Support Bulletin/Security AdvisoryMar 24, 2017
Article #: 000043639
—We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Collaborate with the Ultra experience April update.
Collaborate Ultra - How To Share PowerPoint Presentations Containing Custom Fonts
Product DocumentationMar 23, 2017
Article #: 000043658
—Collaborate with the Ultra experience does not support PowerPoint custom fonts. This article will provide you with some workarounds if your .ppt/.pptx files contain custom fonts.
Websites may be Typosquatting the Blackboard Domain
Support Bulletin/Security AdvisoryMar 21, 2017
Article #: 000043656
—Blackboard recently learned of two websites that may be “Typosquatting” the Blackboard domain. Typosquatting occurs when someone registers a domain name that is close in spelling to an established domain name.  Typosquatters receive traffic when someone mistypes a domain in his/her browser’s address bar.  This practice has become quite popular because typosquatters can often make money from the advertisements, malware or phishing schemes found on those pages.
March 15, 2017 and March 16, 2017 Emergency Hotfix For Collaborate with the Ultra experience to Resolve Recent Connectivity and Recording Issues
Support Bulletin/Security AdvisoryMar 14, 2017
Article #: 000043631
—Blackboard will be performing an emergency hotfix at our AU, CA, EU and US datacenters. This hot fix resolves an issue where certain WiFi routers were not handling media packet prioritization correctly, resulting in dropped end-user connections. The change is to the way Collaborate declares the packet prioritization to accommodate for WiFi routers not supporting the full array of packet prioritization declarations.
Could not launch Java Web Start error message displays when attempting to open .collab files
Known IssueMar 13, 2017
Article #: 000041328
—When attempting to launch Web Conferencing sessions by opening a .collab file, the following error message is returned: "Could not launch Java Web Start."
Collaborate - Known Issue: Chrome and Firefox Browsers Blocking SAS Java Applets
Known IssueMar 10, 2017
Article #: 000040427
—Google Chrome "Version 42.0.2311.90" or greater will not load the Java Applets used in the SAS (Session Administration System).
Web Conferencing - System Requirements for Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing 12.6
Supported TechnologiesMar 08, 2017
Article #: 000037388
—Supported Operating Systems, supported Internet Browsers, and recommended system specifications for using Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing 12.6.
VA2 - Non Impacting Datacenter Maintenance - March 10, 2017
Support Bulletin/Security AdvisoryMar 08, 2017
Article #: 000043602
—Upcoming datacenter maintenance. This maintenance window is not expected to be service impacting.
Ultra Experience LTI - Error: Spinning Purple Loading wheel for Collaborate Ultra Scheduler
Product DocumentationMar 08, 2017
Article #: 000043596
—When a user clicks on the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra LTI external tool or the Collaborate Ultra building block tool using a browser that has blocked 3rd party cookies the user will see a spinning purple circle and the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Scheduler page never fully loads.

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