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Voice Authoring - Error: Security Restrictions / Error 132
Known IssueMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000037953
—Wimba Classroom and Voice Authoring are not able to install and communicate with the WimbaMedia executables to access the audio and video devices due to sandboxing of browser plugins in Safari 6.1.
VoiceThread Client FAQ's
Product DocumentationMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000041247
—This article contains frequently-asked questions regarding VoiceThread for Blackboard Collaborate clients.
Error: Windows SmartScreen Prevented An Unrecognized App From Starting
Product DocumentationMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000042121
—Windows 10 users may see this warning appear when installing the the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for Windows version 1.6.1.
Classroom - Error: Error 294 Video Capture Scanning Error
Product DocumentationMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000036902
—This article provides instructions on what to do if you receive "Error 294 Video Capture Scanning Error" on your Mac computer.
Removing Java Deployment folder
Product DocumentationMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000036979
—Instructions on how to remove the contents of the Java Deployment folder.
Question Bank Chapters do not Appear when a Question Bank is Opened
Known IssueMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000036413
—If a user opens their question bank in Diploma and finds that they no longer see the chapters, or only see some chapters, this indicates that the chapter files for this question bank have become unattached and need to be added back to the question bank. This issue normally occurs when a user moves the question bank on their computer without moving all of the files.
Web Conferencing - System Requirements for Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing 12.6
Supported TechnologiesMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000037388
—Supported Operating Systems, supported Internet Browsers, and recommended system specifications for using Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing 12.6.
Known Issue: Users are unable to display secure (HTTPS) websites through Web Tour in Blackboard IM
Known IssueMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000042254
—Users have reported that they are unable to display secure (HTTPS) websites through Web Tour in Blackboard IM's Collaboration Feature.
Large Event Request
Product DocumentationMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000036638
—Customers who are planning a large event should notify Collaborate’s support team by submitting a support ticket. Our support team needs at least 72 business hours prior notice to prepare for the event. Please use this KBA to plan a successful large event.
Blackboard Collaborate Windows Launcher Admin Installer and Client Upgrade 1.6.2 Coming Soon!
Support Bulletin/Security AdvisoryMay 26, 2016
Article #: 000042212
—Blackboard Collaborate is happy to announce that we will be releasing updates for both our Windows Launcher Client on June 2, 2016 and Admin Installer which is available now.

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