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  • Collaborate Ultra Large Event Request
    Product Documentation —Aug 07, 2020

    Article No. #: 000050312 —A Collaborate Ultra Large Event is defined as a session consisting of 250 - 500 concurrent users.  Many customers can now configure their own Large Event sessions using the steps provided in this article. Clients no longerCustomers that do not have the option to configure their own Large Event sessions can request a Large Event by submitting a support case to the Collaborate Support team. We require at least 2 business days prior notice to prepare for the event. Please use this article to plan a successful Large Event for Collaborate Ultra.

  • Collaborate Ultra - How to find a missing Attendance Report
    Product Documentation —Aug 06, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052623 —This article provides detailed instructions and common issue to help instructors and administrators locate the Collaborate Ultra Attendance Reports for a particular Collaborate Ultra session.

  • Collaborate Original Client Impacting Infrastructure Maintenance on August 22, 2020
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Aug 05, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052617 —The scheduled maintenance windows on Saturday, August 22, 2020 will be service impacting for Europe and US hosted Collaborate Original clients.

  • Collaborate Ultra - Upcoming changes to default behavior of recording sharing
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Aug 05, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052462 —This article describes the new secure recording links feature that will be released in a future version Collaborate Ultra.

  • Collaborate Original: How to Download Legacy Recordings
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jul 31, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052052 —As previously communicated, Blackboard is planning to phase out Collaborate Original regionally in the four (4) managed hosted data centers. Review this article to view important dates and instructions on how to download recordings.

  • Plans to Phase out Blackboard Collaborate Original Regionally
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jul 31, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051001 —With the strong global adoption of Collaborate Ultra, Blackboard has made the strategic decision to phase out Collaborate Original.  As of May 1, 2020, Collaborate Original will no longer be available in Sydney, which serves clients in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.  As of August 1, 2020, Collaborate Original will no longer be available to clients hosted in Calgary, which primarily serves clients in Canada, and some clients in Latin America, Europe, AMEA, and North America regions.  As the go-forward strategy, we are encouraging all clients using Collaborate Original to transition to Collaborate Ultra. 

  • Collaborate Ultra - How to monitor what you are writing when using a camera
    Product Documentation —Jul 23, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052139 —The Collaborate Ultra web camera video preview window in the lower left hand corner shows as being mirrored or reversed, which can make it difficult to monitor writing being shown via a camera feed.

  • VA2 Potential Impacting Infrastructure Maintenance August 7, 2020
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jul 21, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052566 —This upcoming infrastructure maintenance window has the potential to be service impacting for Collaborate Original clients hosted at our VA2 (Virginia Hosted) data center.

  • Collaborate Ultra Version 20.14 Release
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jul 21, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052565 —We are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Collaborate Ultra version 20.14 on August 6, 2020.

  • Reminder: Changes to Case Surveys in Behind the Blackboard
    Support Bulletin/Security Advisory —Jul 16, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052381 —This is reminder of changes we made to our Client Support Case Surveys on June 3, 2020.  Please review the original bulletin in case you missed it!