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Unable to Scroll Document When in Full Screen in Ultra Course View Using Firefox
Known IssueSep 30, 2022
Article #: 000076920
—Unable to scroll document when in full screen in Ultra course view Using Firefox.
Display All Users in Adaptive Release Membership Settings Presents Error When the Course has Disabled Enrollments
Known IssueSep 30, 2022
Article #: 000076913
—When a course has disabled user enrollments, the Adaptive Release feature will fail to load the full Course Membership user list through the Show All button, presenting an error message instead.
Ultra One-Question-at-a-Time Tests Sometimes Don't Persist the Full Answer
Known IssueSep 30, 2022
Article #: 000076904
—In Ultra, when a student is taking a test with the "One-question- at- a- time" function enabled and s/he answers a question, the answer is not fully saved.
LTI 1.3 Assignment and Grades - Gradebook shows 0.99999 vs. a 1
Known IssueSep 30, 2022
Article #: 000076857
—Grade scores calculation is wrong.
Ultra Organizations View Become Courses if They are Included in SIS Feed Files That are Run Against the Course Data Type SIS Operation
Known IssueSep 29, 2022
Article #: 000076917
—If Organizations are included in a Course based SIS feed file by mistake, the Organizations will become Courses despite using the Course Data Type.
Specific Course Name Shows Course Searched and Similar Ones
Known IssueSep 29, 2022
Article #: 000076929
—When looking for a specific course and typing the complete name of it, it shows it, along with other courses with similar words in their names.
Assignment's Exception Due Date is not Shown Until the Release Condition Time is Met
Known IssueSep 29, 2022
Article #: 000076926
—In Ultra View, when an exception due date is set with a release condition, the default due date keeps showing until the release time is met.
Content Usage Statistics Show Disabled Users
Known IssueSep 29, 2022
Article #: 000076916
—When running Content Usage Statistics Report, disabled users in the course are showing in the report results.
Pearson Building Block - Partner Cloud Migration Tool Deactivation
AnnouncementSep 29, 2022
Article #: 000076933
Asia-Pacific - Upcoming Webinar: Base Navigation Planning
Support Bulletin/Security AdvisorySep 28, 2022
Article #: 000076930
—Ready to plan your move to Base Navigation? This 90-minute session is designed to support you as you define and execute a plan to adopt Base Navigation.