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  • Multiple Choice Questions Exhibit Typing lag in all Browsers
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047635 —When creating a matching question, there is lag in the VTBE when the item is more than a couple characters there are large pauses where the VTBE looks like nothing is being entered and then it will catch up.

  • Discussion Thread Search and Refresh Buttons Invisible in IE11
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047633 —The Search and Refresh buttons in a Discussion Thread are not visible without mousing over them in IE11.

  • Audio and Video Auto Playing even Though Autostart is set to No
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047631 —When uploading audio and video and setting Autostart to No, the audio and video autostarts anyway.

  • Unable to see Second Page or Show All when Searching for a User to Add Permissions to a Content Folder
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047630 —When trying to add permissions for a new User to a content folder, when you hit browse and search for a User, if there are multiple pages only the first page loads.

  • Error when Editing Questions Possible Points Using Turkish Language Pack
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047644 —When using the Turkish Language Pack and trying to edit a question's points possible, the Instructor enters a valid number , he/she then receives an error message saying "Please enter a valid numerical value". When the Language Pack is set to English, no error message appears and the numerical value is accepted.

  • Comparison Method Violates its General Contract Error on Review Status of Performance Dashboard
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047645 —While accessing the Performance Dashboard to review Student data an error is received while running the process. Comparison method violates its general contract error on Review Status of Performance Dashboard.

  • 2016 Theme New Content Area does not Display Image or Related Text
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047641 —When creating a new Content Area, and adding a Name and text with a Image, the name of the Content Area changes, but the text doesn't display as intended.

  • Can not Change Link Title/Name of Files Attached to Mashups
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047640 —When files are attached to Mashups, the link name and/or title can not be changed.

  • Discussion Board Grading uses Deprecated Values for Attempt Status and no Grade History is Recorded
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000047594 —A Discussion Forum is marked to have a Discussion post marked as needs grading after one post. However, despite being able to see the submit discussion activity for a student, the in progress icon does not appear in the grade center and isn't listed on the Needs Grading post. Students are getting marked down because Instructors are missing these submissions.

  • Email Changes of Using the - donotreply - Cause Confusion for Students
    Known Issue —Oct 21, 2017

    Article No. #: 000041203 —Some email clients, such as Windows 10 Mail, do not use the "Reply-to" header of emails sent by BbLearn in order to populate the "To:" field when the User replies to the email.