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A New and Improved Behind the Blackboard!

Date Published:Apr 10,2012 Category: ANGEL, Learn, CE/Vista, Xythos, Behind the Blackboard   Article No.: 00030531
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We’re updating Behind the Blackboard in order to deliver a new level of customer CARE:

  • Comprehensive access to resources
  • Ability to find what you need
  • Relevant information tied to you
  • Easy to use and navigate

To ensure that the new Behind the Blackboard meets your needs, we’ve involved a variety of clients in every step of the process: requirements, design, implementation and testing. To date, clients have participated in focus group sessions, usability studies, a Suggestion Squad, and a pilot which launched in October, 2011. Here is what some of our clients are saying after using the new system:

  •     “You really nailed it!  You listened to us and what you’ve built is great!”
  •     “Exactly what I need to do my job efficiently."
  •     The new interface is clearer than the old one.”

While the new system will obviously take some time to get used to, our pilot users have told us the system is very intuitive and easy to use. If you need help, please refer to the information below to familiarize yourself to the new system.

If you’re having problems using the new system, please reach out to your Support representatives. You can submit issues via a case in the system, or you can call your local Support team using the contact information listed here.



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