Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 with Cumulative Update 1 Release - Top 50 Bugs Fixed

Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 with Cumulative Update 1 Release - Top 50 Bugs Fixed

Date Published: Nov 16,2017 Category: Product:Learn_Administration_Learn; Version:Learn_9_1_Q4_2017   Article No.: 000047682

Product:  Blackboard Learn

Announcement Details: Blackboard is pleased to share the top 50 bugs fixed in the Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 with Cumulative Update 1 release.  With our 9.1 releases, we are committed to delivering strong product quality and providing a stable, reliable experience for educators and students using Blackboard Learn today.  The below 50 issues were deemed the most important based on priority, severity and the number of clients impacted by the issue.  If you would like to see additional details for each issue, please click on the article link.
 ArticleSummaryComponentPatch Available
1.47306Show/Hide Course Menu Hidden in Certain Monitor ResolutionsNavigationNo
2.43724 Attempts in Grade Center Redirected to Incorrect Student AttemptGrade CenterYes
3.43290Display Dates Cannot be Manually Entered for Content ItemsContent ManagementYes
4.43127Servers with Custom Roles Result in many RuntimeException After UpgradeUser SettingsNo*
5.47401Unable to Answer Fill in Multiple Blank and Jumbled Sentence Questions Using MouseAssessmentsYes
6.42677Cannot Reorder Grade Center ColumnsGrade CenterYes
7.39473Cannot edit Module Properties with Assigned Institution RolesSystem AdministrationNo
8.45861Temp Files Received While Sending Email Attachments from the Grade CenterNotificationsYes
9.461152016 Theme Breaks Grade Center Vertical Scroll BarGrade CenterYes
10.38436Error when Copying a Course Containing Earned AchievementsAchievementsYes
11.37721Copying of Group Discussion Forum Shows Users from Other GroupsDiscussion BoardNo
12.43454Tomcat Bug 60035 Causes a Backlog of CLOSE_WAITSSystem InfrastructureNo
13.47072Editing and Creating VTBE Content with a Web URL to a File Moves File to Course ContentContent ManagementYes
14.35625Data Source BatchUid is not set Error when Running Course Association Feed FileSISNo
15.43699Access Denied Error Running Organisation ReportsCourse ReportsYes
16.33078Calendar Event Appears on Following Day in Daily and Weekly View when a Due Date is Set to End of DayCalendarYes
17.38531Images in Header of Enterprise Survey do not DisplaySystem AdministrationYes
18.42067Inconsistent Behavior of Content Editor Paste Button Between BrowsersContent EditorNo
19.40262Course TOC Items do not Stick when ReorderingCourse ToolsYes
20.38497Institutional Hierarchy Node Association MissingContent ExchangeYes
21.45758Announcements Page ErrorAnnouncementsYes
22.43054Course Roles Lose their Customization During UpgradeUpgraderYes
23.40951Enrollment Feed Files Produce ErrorsSISYes
24.46146Cannot Update/Edit Custom Theme by Uploading New Theme Package in the GUIThemesYes
25.42468Timed Assessment Auto-Submitted EarlyAssessmentsNo
26.39739Item Analysis Reports do not Render Multi-byte Characters within Unix Based Server Operating SystemCourse ReportsYes
27.46068Retention Center Marker on Risk Table not AlignedRetention CenterYes
28.43747File Handle Leak in NativeFileSingletonPerformanceYes
29.39746HTML Entity Encodings in Discussion Titles Break LinksDiscussion BoardNo
30.46017Errors Occur when External User Opens Portfolios Containing HyperlinksPortfoliosYes
31.46016Portfolio Artifact Attachment URLs not Migrated After Upgrade Giving 404 Not Found ErrorPortfoliosYes
32.42375SaaS Generates Errors When Attempting to Access Some Course Table-of-Contents items, such as ContentAchievementsNo
33.45766Deleting Announcements Generates ErrorAnnouncementsNo
34.43292Changing Wiki Character Limit through the MaxInputSize in Safe HTML Policy does not WorkWikiYes
35.35131Course Term End Date Times are Different when Created in the Learn GUI vs Created Using SIS FrameworkSISYes
36.47212Announcement Notifications are Delayed or not DeliveredPerformanceNo
37.45852Error Viewing Responses for a Test when Grading Questions from Grade Center ColumnGrade CenterNo
38.45764Error Accessing Needs Grading in Grade Center Where Delegated Grading is UsedGradingYes
39.43053Grade Center Columns can not be DeletedGrade CenterNo
40.43654ExamSoft not Syncing due to SAML Authentication Enabled Building BlockAuthenticationYes
41.43417Failed to Submit Assignment Message Occurs When Trying to Assign Delegated GradersAssignmentsYes
42.43357SCORM Item Throws "Fatal Error has Occurred Communication with the Server has been lost" ErrorSCORMYes
43.43714SAML Sign On Error Message does not Provide Useful Error InformationAuthenticationYes
44.43240Full Text Indexer and batch_ImportExport Share same temp DirectoryPerformanceYes
45.46061Test Options Submitted Text is Truncated Under the Learn 2016 ThemeThemesNo*
46.45755Banner Image not Uploading CorrectlyThemesYes
47.45801Tomcat Filesystem full from Evidence Collection temp filesEvidence CollectionYes
48.39560Once Discussion Forums are Sorted Alphabetically the Ordering Cannot be ChangedDiscussion BoardNo
49.43283User Activity Overview Report Running IndefinitelyCourse ReportsYes
50.46034Instructors Cannot Access Prior Group Assignment SubmissionsGrade CenterYes

Patch Available Key:
  • Yes - The patch is available through a CU or B2. Please see the Known Issue article for additional details.
  • No* - There is an approved patch, but not yet available through a Cumulative Update or B2 for a supported release.
  • No - No associated patch or fix in an earlier release.
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To see the full list of resolved issues in the Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 with Cumulative Update 1 release, go to Self Service > Known Issues and then under Planned First Fix search by Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 Release.  The list can also be printed or exported to PDF or Excel.