Blackboard Collaborate for Learn Building Block Updates Available

Blackboard Collaborate for Learn Building Block Updates Available

Date Published: Jun 26,2014 Category: Product:Collaborate,Learn_BU; Version:X9_1_SP12_9_1_120113_0,X9_1_SP13_9_1_130093_0,X9_1_SP14,Web_Conferencing,SAS,ELM,Learn_April_2014_9_1_201404_160205   Article No.: 000037956

Product:  Blackboard Learn

Announcement Details:

Blackboard is pleased  to announce the availability of an updated Collaborate Enterprise Building Block, versions 4.4 and 4.6, for Blackboard Learn.

New Functionality

Windows Launcher

  • Windows Launcher is a new utility for Windows end users that provides a convenient and reliable way to launch Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions and records.  Please refer to Blackboard Collaborate Launcher for full details.
Important!  If you do not want to use the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher, do not install Building Block version 4.4. or 4.6.  There is no option to opt out of using the launcher.  

Resolved Issues

This release resolves the following:

  • B2 4.3.x does not localize dates on Collaborate Session/Recording list pages when using Standard Learn Language Packs.
  • Cannot edit expired sessions.
  • Guest URL appears for students when joining sessions.
  • External Invitee uses invitee email address to send mail and as Display Name in session.
  • B2 4.2.x dropped the usage of the ListAttendance table to store the session attendance.
  • Ability to add moderators without restricting access was removed in 4.2.x.
  • Myroom recording is not generating guest link.
  • Loading and preloading content is confusing, particularly when the content is a PowerPoint file.
  • User cannot create guest-enabled session on session creation.
  • Cannot alter access for a restricted recording.
  • Student role can no longer be granted Convert Recording permission.
  • Guest URL shows up in expired sessions.
  • Moderator assignment  for new My Rooms is given to first user to view the Collaborate tool.
  • If guestlink display name includes an apostrophe, an error is returned.
  • Collaborate tool link on Course Menu removed after upgrade to 4.3.
  • Available recording files are not being re-checked.
  • Collaborate recordings are not checked periodically and updated if Recording Conversion is disabled.
  • Unavailable Course because of date range setting results in "The End Date Time must be greater than the Start Date Time" message.
  • Editing series of sessions causes integrated telephony data to disappear from the Room Details page.
  • Incorrect Korean translations in the Collaborate B2.
  • When creating an announcement, user is is unable to select a Collaborate session for mashup in the announcement.
  • Attendance Pullback API issues resolved.

Supported Platforms and Upgrade Paths

The 4.4.1109530 Building Block is available to Blackboard Learn Course Delivery clients who also license Blackboard Collaborate Enterprise and are on Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 12 through 9.1 Service Pack 14.

  • Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 Service Pack 12 (Build: 9.1.120113.0)
  • Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 Service Pack 13 (Build: 9.1.130093.0)
  • Blackboard Learn, Release 9.1 Service Pack 14 (Build: 9.1.140152.0)
​The 4.6.1109530 Building Block is available to Blackboard Learn Course Delivery clients who also license Blackboard Collaborate Enterprise and are on Blackboard Learn 2014 April Release (Build: 9.1.201404.160205).


Important Notes

Note: Direct upgrades to these release are supported from Building Block versions 4.3.x.

  • Clients on older versions of the Building Block will be required to upgrade to release 4.3 before installing this update

  • ELM Server is not supported

Building Block Download and Documentation

  • Clients running Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 12 or later will be notified of the Building Block via the Software Updates module on the Administrator Panel. Administrators can choose to install the Building Block from that interface. The Software Updates notification will occur within 24 hours of this announcement publication.

  • The Building Blocks are also available for download here on Behind the Blackboard.

  • Release Notes for the Collaborate Enterprise Building Block are available on Blackboard Help under 9.1 SP12 and SP13, 9.1 SP14, and 2014 April release notes.