Software Updates Prompts to Install Older Version of Partner Cloud B2

Software Updates Prompts to Install Older Version of Partner Cloud B2

Date Published: Aug 07,2019 Category: Planned_First_Fix_Release:Learn_9_1_Q2_2019_Release; Product:Learn_Administration_Learn,Installs_and_Configurations_Learn,Application_and_Webserver_Learn; Version:Learn_9_1_Q4_2018   Article No.: 000050436

Product: Blackboard Learn

Release: 9.1

Service Pack(s): Learn 9.1 Q4 2018 (3500.0.0)

Issue Description: Due to an issue with the Partner Cloud B2 version numbering for Blackboard Learn Q4 2018 Cumulative Updates (CU), Software Updates is incorrectly prompting Administrators to update the Partner Cloud B2 even though the latest B2 version is included. Admins running Blackboard Learn version Q4 2018 (CU1 - CU3) can disregard this prompt. We plan to post a new B2 version to Software Updates after the release of CU4, which should realign B2 version numbers going forward.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Upgrade Blackboard Learn to the Q4 2018 Release
  2. Log in as a System Administrator
  3. Check the Software Updates Module

Expected Behavior:
There is no update available for Partner Cloud.

Observed Behavior:
Partner cloud update available v3500.3.01460.

Symptoms: Partner Cloud should already be updated to a later version (as part of the upgrade), v3500.0.4-rel.19+9180e36.

Target Release: Learn 9.1 Q2 2019 Release
Patch Available: No