LTI Course Tool Disabled

LTI Course Tool Disabled

Date Published: Sep 19,2019 Category: Planned_First_Fix_Release:SaaS_v3800_0_0; Product:Course_Tools_Learn; Version:SaaS   Article No.: 000050463

Product: Blackboard Learn

Release: SaaS

Service Pack(s): SaaS

Issue Description: Tthe LTI Tool is disabled at the Course level. There is also an option to enable/disable the Tool, which should be locked from User changes.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Log into Blackboard Learn as a System Administrator
  2. Create a Course
  3. Upgrade the Environment to 3500.11
  4. Access the Environment and the Course
  5. Navigate to 
  6. Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availabity

Expected Behavior:
The LTI Tool is available and cannot be changed in the GUI

Observed Behavior:
The LTI Tool is unavailable and can be changed in the GUI


Target Release: SaaS - Fixed (v3700.13.0)
Patch Available: No