Accessibility Issue with Learning Module TOC List Structure

Accessibility Issue with Learning Module TOC List Structure

Date Published: Dec 29,2017 Category: Planned_First_Fix_Release:Future_Reference_Learn; Product:Application_and_Webserver_Learn; Version:Learn_9_1_Q2_2017_3200_0_0,Learn_9_1_Q4_2017,Learn_9_1_Q2_2018,Learn_9_1_Q4_2016_3100_0_0_rel_107_401e,SaaS   Article No.: 000047928

Product: Blackboard Learn

Release: 9.1;SaaS

Service Pack(s): Learn 9.1 Q2 2017 (3200.0.0), Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 (3300.0.0), Learn 9.1 Q2 2018 (3400.0.0), Learn 9.1 Q4 2016 (3100.0.0-rel.107+401e, SaaS

Issue Description: HTML content that appears as a list needs to have list markup. Screen readers convey information about lists to the User such as how many items are in the list and whether or not the list is structured. Without proper markups, this can not take place.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Access Blackboard as an Admin
  2. Access a test Course and create a Learning Module
  3. Add several items to the Table of Contents
  4. Right Click on page and view page source
Expected Behavior:
Source code contains HTML markups for a list

Observed Behavior:
Source code does not contain the HTML markups for a list


Target Release: Future Reference
Patch Available: No