Ultra Experience - Chat Accessibility Menu

Ultra Experience - Chat Accessibility Menu

Date Published: Dec 15,2016 Category: Product:Ultra_Experience; Version:Ultra_Experience   Article No.: 000043157

Product: Collaborate - Web Conferencing

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This article provides you with details on accessing the new and useful Chat feature in Collaborate with the Ultra experience.
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Chat Feature Details:

Clicking on the chat panel once enables the ability to use the keyboard tab button to navigate to the beginning and end of the chat message window.  You can also use the tab key to enable navigating through each message one by one if a user needs more time to go through chat messages. 

This is one of the accessibility features in Collaborate with the Ultra experience, more information can be found in the Blackboard Help site.

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TAB to the next message and it will highlight the next ...

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Document Link: https://en-us.help.blackboard.com/Collaborate/Ultra/Moderator/060_Accessibility