BbAnalytics for Analytics for Learn 4.3.5 Release Notes

BbAnalytics for Analytics for Learn 4.3.5 Release Notes

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About the Release Notes

The Release Notes provide System Administrators with information about the changes from the previous version to this most recent version of Analytics for Learn. These release notes cover version 4.3.5.

The current release focuses on bug fixes and introduces Rubrics and Tool Detail as new features. This release is recommended for all customers of Analytics for Learn.


The following prerequisites must be in place prior to applying this upgrade.
  • Analytics for Learn Version 4.3.4 – the upgrade will require version 4.3.4 of the Analytics for Learn module to be installed and operational.
  • Learn 9.1 must have Service Pack 13 or higher installed.
Please see the attached Release Notes for more information and new features in iBBLA  4.3.5 

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