Web Conferencing - How to Setup Linux Ubuntu

Web Conferencing - How to Setup Linux Ubuntu

Date Published: Jun 17,2014 Category: Product:Web_Conferencing_Help_and_FAQs; Version:Web_Conferencing   Article No.: 000037689

Product: Collaborate - Web Conferencing

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This article will explain how to configure your Linux Ubuntu system to successfully launch Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing sessions.
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1. Install OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime, IcedTea Java Web Start, and IcedTea Java PlugIn. You can install these through the Ubuntu Software Center.

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2. Verify that OpenJDK Java 7 and IcedTea Java Web Start are set to default. Run the following 2 terminal commands. To open the terminal, press CTRL+ALT+T.

Command 1:  sudo update-alternatives --config java 

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Note: If installed correctly, it will display that there is “Nothing to configure.” If you have Oracle Java installed, you will need to choose the OpenJDK option.

Command 2:  sudo update-alternatives --config javaws

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Note: If “0” states Java 7, that is correct. If it states anything other than that, you will need to chose the option that states “java-7-openjdk”.

3. Launch Blackboard Collaborate.