Ultra Experience: Audio and Video Setup and Help

Ultra Experience: Audio and Video Setup and Help

Date Published: Oct 14,2019 Category: Product:Help_FAQs; Version:Ultra_Experience   Article No.: 000040454

Product: Collaborate - Ultra Experience

Document Type: User Documentation

Document Summary: This help page points you to appropriate documentation regarding audio and video setup for Collaborate with the Ultra experience.
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Audio and Video Overview:

You must give the browser permission to use audio and video to participate in a session. This step is necessary so that you are seen and heard. - Audio and Video in Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra experience

Need more browser specific help on allowing your Microphone?

Chrome allowing Microphone
Firefox allowing Microphone
Safari allowing Microphone
Edge allowing Microphone

Mac OS Mojave microphone and webcam permissions
Windows 10 microphone and webcam permissions


Do I need to use a headset?

Headsets are still preferred as they do the best job of making sure the mic is optimally placed for you to be heard, as well as blocking out background noises fully.

Does Collaborate with the Ultra experience have teleconferencing?

Join a session from your phone help

Does Collaborate with the Ultra experience have Mobile support?

iOS users may use Safari 11+ with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.
Android users can use Google Chrome with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Need further troubleshooting?

Our audio / video troubleshooting article has lots of suggestions.