Integrating your Blackboard Learn environment with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Integrating your Blackboard Learn environment with Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

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This article contains information on integration Blackboard Learn with Collaborate Ultra.
Document Details: Behind the Blackboard
  • Collaborate Support Staff will need to enable Collaborate Ultra and API V3 for your Login Group.
  • If you are unsure that both Collaborate Ultra and API V3 has been enabled for your Login Group, please submit a case to Collaborate Support via Behind the Blackboard requesting verification.

Blackboard Learn
  • Install Building Block 4.8.1167786 (or higher)
  • Make Ultra Available to Courses
    • Go to the Collaborate Building Block Settings page.
    • Click Set Availability for Courses.  Here you will see 4 available options:
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  • Choose the appropriate option for your institution. 
    • Option 1: Use Collaborate Classic exclusively.
    • Option 2: Use Collaborate Ultra exclusively.
    • Option 3: Do not use Collaborate at all.
    • Option 4: Choose which courses will use Collaborate Classic and which will use Collaborate Ultra.
  • Set Room Defaults for Collaborate Ultra
    • Go to the Collaborate Building Block Settings page.
    • Click Room Defaults.
    • Click Ultra Experience Defaults.
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  • Set Role Privileges
    • In order for the Collaborate Ultra Course Room to be displayed within a course, the Instructor Role must have the privilege to create the room.
      • Go to System Admin tab.
      • Click Course/Organization Roles under the Users panel.
      • Hover over the Instructor role until the down arrow is displayed.
      • Click the down arrow.
      • Click Privileges.
      • Type "Collaborate" into the Search box and click Go.
      • Grant the following Privilege:​
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  • Enable the Course Room tool
    • Go to the System Admin panel.
    • Click Tools under Tools and Utilities.
    • Scroll down to the Blackboard Collaborate Section.
    • Set Blackboard Collaborate Course Room to On.
      • Lock Open = Default On  (can be toggled on/off at course level).
      • Lock Closed = Always On (cannot be toggled at course level).
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What to Expect

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  • Each course will have a single Collaborate Course Room.
  • You will not be able to create new sessions.
  • My Room sessions will not be displayed.
  • Ultra recordings will be displayed under the Recordings section.
  • Collaborate Ultra Recordings are created in MP4 format, so you will simply see a single MP4 playback button; no purple launch button, no conversion links.
  • Existing Collaborate Classic recordings will be displayed here along with their launch buttons and conversion links.