How to Subscribe to Product Status Incidents on

How to Subscribe to Product Status Incidents on

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How to Subscribe to Product Status Incidents 

For live updates about product status, users can subscribe to our RSS/Atom feed.  Add the appropriate link below to your preferred RSS/Atom application to subscribe: 

Additionally, users can subscribe to any active incident on  in order to receive real-time updates regarding a specific incident.  Follow the steps below to subscribe:

  1. Navigate to  
  2. Go to Current Incidents (listed at the top of the page) 
  3. Click the Subscribe link on the right corner of the incident title
  4. A pop-up page opens; Enter your email address or phone number for text updates
  5. Click Subscribe to Incident
    • Subscribe to Incident
  6. Confirm your subscription via email to text in order to receive updates to the incident
Once the event has been resolved, you will receive one final email or text, notifying you of the resolution.