Configuring Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA LTI tool in Moodle

Configuring Blackboard Collaborate ULTRA LTI tool in Moodle

Date Published: Mar 07,2019 Category: Product:Web_Conferencing_Integrations; Version:Web_Conferencing   Article No.: 000064614

Product: Collaborate - Ultra Experience

Document Type: User Documentation

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This User Guide contains information on how to set up and configure Blackboard Collaborate Ultra LTI tool in Moodle.


Configuring Collaborate Ultra LTI for Moodle consists of two steps:

  1. Configure the External Tool link
  2. Display the External Tool link within a course

Requesting LTI Credentials and URL

  1. A Collaborate-Admin should open a case in Behind the Blackboard
  2. For Issue Topic: Ultra Experience
  3. For Functional Area: New LMS Integration credential requests
  4. Category: LTI Integration
  5. CMS/LMS: Moodle

Configure External Tool

Login to Moodle with Admin privileges
Go to Site Administration > Plugins > Activity Modules > External Tool > Manage Tools
Click on configure a tool manually
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Configure the Tool Settings

Please do not use the same credentials for both the Collaborate Plugin and an External LTI tool in Moodle, issues and errors will result!

Tool name = User’s discretion
Tool URL will be sent to client via email or support case
Consumer key will be sent to client via email or support case
Shared Secret will be sent to client via email or support case
Tool Configuration Usage = Show as preconfigured tool when adding an external tool
Default Launch container = User’s discretion: we recommend either Embed or New Window depending on if you want the Ultra window shown in Moodle or on a new web page.
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Expand Privacy Section
Share launcher's name with tool = Always
Share launcher's email with tool = Always
Accept grades from the tool = Always
Enable Force SSL (if site uses SSL)
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Optional Custom Parameter to add the Moodle username to Institutional Attendance Reports: username=$User.username

Save Changes


Display External Tool link in course

Click Turn Editing On

Add Activity or Resource

Select External tool

Click Add
Enter activity name
Select Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from External tool type
Privacy settings = User's discretion
Grade settings = User's discretion
Common module settings = User's discretion
Activity completion = User's discretion

Save changes