Web Conferencing Original Experience - First Time Users

Web Conferencing Original Experience - First Time Users

Date Published: Oct 28,2020 Category: Product:First_Time_Users; Version:Web_Conferencing   Article No.: 000073403

Product: Collaborate - Web Conferencing

Document Type: Administrator Documentation

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Information: This article contains the necessary information for anyone interested in using the Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing.

First time user with Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

Get started by completing the steps outlined below:
STEP 1 - Check System Requirements
Make sure that your system is compatible with Web Conferencing.  Please verify your system requirements: 

System requirements for Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

STEP 2 – Configure your system
We provide a Configuration Room that you can use to test your connection, settings, and configure your audio.  This step is optional and is intended for sessions hosted on Blackboard Collaborate servers.  To test your configuration for sessions hosted at your organization’s site please contact your Administrator.

V12.6 Configuration Room (US-SAS)
V12.6 Configuration Room (EU-SAS)

Note:  When joining a Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing session for the first time you may see a security dialog box asking to confirm the application’s digital signature.  Click “RUN” to continue.

STEP 3 - Documentation
Need to know how to use Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing? We recommend that you read our product documentation. 
Whether you are looking for a quick tip on a specific feature or detailed product documentation, Blackboard Collaborate is committed to providing comprehensive, on-demand resources to meet your learning needs. Please visit our Help Site to find the information you need.

Blackboard Help
STEP 4 - View our Support Portal
Additional information is also available through our Support Portal.  If the question you are looking for is not answered. you can always submit a ticket to our Support team through our portal.

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