Plan! - First Time Users

Plan! - First Time Users

Date Published: Dec 10,2015 Category: Product:First_Tivme_Users; Version:Plan   Article No.: 000073420

Product: Collaborate - Plan

Information: First time user with Plan.

Get started by completing the steps outlined below:
STEP 1 - Check System Requirements

Make sure that your system is compatible with Plan.
Please see specific list of system requirements for Plan.
STEP 2 - Documentation
Need to know how to use Plan? We recommend that you read our product documentation. 

Whether you are looking for a quick tip on a specific feature or detailed product documentation, Blackboard Collaborate is committed to providing comprehensive, on-demand resources to meet your learning needs. Please visit our Plan product page to find the information you need.

Plan Product Page
STEP 3 - View our Support Portal

Additional information is also available through our Support Portal.  If the question you are looking for is not answered. you can always submit a ticket to our Support team through our portal.