Upcoming Change in the Blackboard Data CDM: Retiring the BBD_REPORTING Schema

Upcoming Change in the Blackboard Data CDM: Retiring the BBD_REPORTING Schema

Date Published: Dec 02,2021 Category: Product:Analytics; Version:Analytics   Article No.: 000076091

Product:  Analytics

Information: We want to inform you in advance that effective Friday 7-January-2022, we will retire the BBD_REPORTING schema.
This change will not impact any existing reports available via data.blackboard.com.  Retiring the schema is required in preparation for the Q1 2022 launch of Blackboard Data Reporting in regions with the Reporting UI.  Blackboard Data Reporting will offer a set of standard reports across three solution areas (Learning, Teaching, and Leading), that are designed to ensure that best practices in the usage of Blackboard EdTech solutions are adopted across institutions, and to help institutional leaders to provide a dependable foundation of online teaching and learning that assures quality in the student experience.
As an alternative for clients that are currently using the COURSE_TOOL_ACTIVITY_HOUR table that is part of the BBD_REPORTING schema for downstream reporting, we are sharing the SQL script used to populate data into the table.  This SQL script has been made available in the Blackboard Data-Queries GitHub repository so clients can use it to update queries and reports that rely on this table.


Please reach out to us via the Community Site in case you have questions about this upcoming change.  We will be communicating further when this change is deployed to Production on Friday 7-January-2022.
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