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  • Collaborate Ultra - File and Recording Storage FAQ
    Product Documentation —Jul 02, 2020

    Article No. #: 000040384 —This FAQ answers questions about Collaborate Ultra file and recording storage.

  • Ultra Experience - Collaborate with the Ultra Experience Networking Information
    Product Documentation —Jun 18, 2020

    Article No. #: 000040506 —This article details the ports and IP addresses needed for using Collaborate with the Ultra experience.

  • Ultra Experience: 30 Day Free Trial
    Product Documentation —Apr 28, 2020

    Article No. #: 000047489 —This article explains what is included in the Collaborate with the Ultra experience 30 Day Free Trial.

  • Collaborate Ultra Large Event Request
    Product Documentation —Apr 23, 2020

    Article No. #: 000050312 —A Collaborate Ultra Large Event is defined as a session consisting of 250 - 500 concurrent users.  Many customers can now configure their own Large Event sessions using the steps provided in this article. Customers that do not have the option to configure their own Large Event sessions can request a Large Event by submitting a support case to the Collaborate Support team. We require at least 2 business days prior notice to prepare for the event. Please use this article to plan a successful Large Event for Collaborate Ultra.

  • Ultra Experience - How to set up the Collaborate with the Ultra experience LTI Integration on Blackboard Learn 9.1
    Product Documentation —Apr 15, 2020

    Article No. #: 000041078 —This article provides instructions for how to set up the Collaborate with the Ultra experience LTI integration on Blackboard Learn 9.1.

  • Collaborate Ultra: Troubleshooting Audio/Video quality issues
    Product Documentation —Mar 31, 2020

    Article No. #: 000042098 —This article provides instructions on how to troubleshoot Audio and Video issues in a Collaborate Ultra session.

  • Collaborate Ultra - How to monitor what you are writing when using a camera
    Product Documentation —Mar 18, 2020

    Article No. #: 000052139 —The Collaborate Ultra web camera video preview window in the lower left hand corner shows as being mirrored or reversed, which can make it difficult to monitor writing being shown via a camera feed. This article will show users how to open a second session to monitor what they are writing in a bigger window.

  • Granting browser or launcher permissions for webcam and microphone on Mac in System Preferences
    Product Documentation —Feb 27, 2020

    Article No. #: 000050308 —This article provides instructions to enable browsers access to webcams and microphones with the updated security settings introduced in macOS Mojave 10.14, macOS Catalina 10.15.

  • Diploma - Support Ended December 31, 2019
    Product Documentation —Feb 07, 2020

    Article No. #: 000051990 —As of December 31, 2019, Blackboard no longer provides support for the Diploma product.

  • Collaborate Ultra - Error: User wasn't updated. We couldn't update the user. Please try again or contact Blackboard Technical Support for assistance.
    Product Documentation —Nov 25, 2019

    Article No. #: 000051513 —This article describes a known issue with the Collaborate Ultra Scheduler when trying to change a user password.