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Installing and Configuring the Collaborate Ultra Moodle Plugin
Product DocumentationOct 27, 2021
Article #: 000071098
—This article contains instructions for downloading and installing the Collaborate Ultra Moodle Plugin.
Collaborate - HTML 5 Web Socket Test for Network Troubleshooting
Product DocumentationSep 22, 2021
Article #: 000058647
—Collaborate requires an HTML5 Web Socket connection be allowed on browsers and networking appliances such as proxy servers. This article walks users through testing if a Web Socket connection is working on their network.
Collaborate Networking Information and Requirements
Product DocumentationSep 08, 2021
Article #: 000058651
—This article details the ports and IP addresses needed for using Blackboard Collaborate.
Collaborate Large Event Request
Product DocumentationMay 24, 2021
Article #: 000053340
—A Collaborate Large Event is defined as a session consisting of 250 - 500 concurrent users.  Most customers can configure their own Large Event sessions using the steps provided in this article. Clients that do not have the option to configure their own Large Event sessions can request a Large Event by opening a Behind the Blackboard case. We require at least 2 business days prior notice to prepare for the event. Please use this article to plan a successful Large Event for Collaborate.
Collaborate home networking troubleshooting tips
Product DocumentationMar 09, 2021
Article #: 000061342
—This article provides basic home network troubleshooting tips for users having issues accessing or participating in Collaborate sessions.
Collaborate Error: Wrong session time shown
Product DocumentationFeb 09, 2021
Article #: 000063713
—This article covers how to troubleshoot issues where a single user believes they are seeing the Collaborate session time displayed at the wrong time.
How to troubleshoot microphone issues in Collaborate
Product DocumentationFeb 08, 2021
Article #: 000075238
—This article provides troubleshooting steps and information to help resolve microphone issues in Collaborate sessions.
Collaborate Session Attendance Reporting wrong in Blackboard Learn
Product DocumentationFeb 03, 2021
Article #: 000075228
—Some users attendance is being reported incorrectly to the Attendance Report in Blackboard Learn due to a wrong date range set in the Collaborate session settings.
Error: Uh Oh, Can't Access Camera
Product DocumentationJan 20, 2021
Article #: 000075197
—After selecting the camera and trying to turn on the camera in a Collaborate session the attendee sees the error "Uh Oh, Can't Access Camera".