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  • Error:Unable to launch application: Qustodio
    Product Documentation —Apr 20, 2017

    Article No. #: 000042294 —Qustodio application is giving an error message

  • Ultra Experience - HTML 5 Web Socket Test for Network Troubleshooting
    Product Documentation —Apr 18, 2017

    Article No. #: 000040604 —Collaborate with the Ultra experience requires a HTML 5 Web Socket connection be allowed on browsers and networking appliances such as proxy servers. This article walks users through testing if a Web Socket connection is working on their network.

  • Ultra Experience - Collaborate with the Ultra Experience Networking Information
    Product Documentation —Apr 17, 2017

    Article No. #: 000040506 —This article details the ports and IP addresses needed for using Collaborate with the Ultra experience.

  • Web Conferencing - How to Show all Hidden Folders and Files in Windows
    Product Documentation —Apr 03, 2017

    Article No. #: 000037101 —Windows will sometimes hide important or sensitive files and folders from the default view. In the troubleshooting process, it is sometimes necessary to access hidden files and folders in a user profile, this article will walk you through the process.

  • Installation and Configuration Guide for Collaborate with the Ultra experience LTI integration and Canvas
    Product Documentation —Mar 24, 2017

    Article No. #: 000041093 —This article is written for Canvas administrators and describes how to configure a Canvas instance to use Collaborate with the Ultra experience via an LTI integration.

  • Collaborate Ultra - How To Share PowerPoint Presentations Containing Custom Fonts
    Product Documentation —Mar 23, 2017

    Article No. #: 000043658 —Collaborate with the Ultra experience does not support PowerPoint custom fonts. This article will provide you with some workarounds if your .ppt/.pptx files contain custom fonts.

  • Ultra Experience LTI - Error: Spinning Purple Loading wheel for Collaborate Ultra Scheduler
    Product Documentation —Mar 08, 2017

    Article No. #: 000043596 —When a user clicks on the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra LTI external tool or the Collaborate Ultra building block tool using a browser that has blocked 3rd party cookies the user will see a spinning purple circle and the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Scheduler page never fully loads.

  • Troubleshooting Connection Issues Experienced when using Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experience
    Product Documentation —Feb 28, 2017

    Article No. #: 000043548 —This article contains troubleshooting information for users experiencing disconnection issues with Blackboard Collaborate with the Ultra Experienece

  • Configuring Collaborate Ultra B2
    Product Documentation —Feb 09, 2017

    Article No. #: 000042579 —This article contains basic information pertaining to configuring the new Collaborate Ultra building block.

  • Error: Java(TM) Platform SE Binary has Stopped Working
    Product Documentation —Jan 31, 2017

    Article No. #: 000043403 —Some Windows users have reported that attempting to application share in Collaborate with the Original Experience results in the following Java error: Java(TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working.