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Configuring the Collaborate Ultra building block
Product DocumentationMar 23, 2022
Article #: 000053318
—This article contains basic information pertaining to configuring the Collaborate Ultra building block.
iOS Setting to Allow Cross-Website Tracking for Blackboard App and Blackboard Instructor App
Product DocumentationNov 11, 2021
Article #: 000076036
—With the release of Blackboard app v6.11 and Blackboard Instructor app v4.11, a new iOS setting was created for the apps to allow cross-website tracking. This setting may be required to access LTI tool links from the apps on iOS devices.
Automatic Archives Download Script Administrator Guide
Product DocumentationOct 13, 2021
Article #: 000075453
—This guide will get you started with the '' script available from Learn 3900.10 and higher to download automatic archives for long-term storage.
BbAnalytics for Analytics for Learn 4.3.5 Release Notes
Product DocumentationNov 26, 2018
Article #: 000053349
—Blackboard Analytics is pleased to announce the latest update to the BbAnalytics for Analytics for Learn, Version 4.3.5
BbAnalytics for Analytics for Learn 4.3.4 Release Notes
Product DocumentationNov 26, 2018
Article #: 000053339
—Backboard Analytics is pleased to announce the latest update to the BbAnalytics for Analytics for Learn, Version 4.3.4
Move Legacy Content to Content System
Product DocumentationMay 24, 2018
Article #: 000071123
—The instructions in this article will guide you through the process to move all legacy content to our embedded file system (Xythos) on a Self-Hosted system.
Blackboard Intelligence Customization Guides and Technical Reference v 4.2
Product DocumentationJul 28, 2017
Article #: 000053357
—Guides and associated SQL templates to guide common customizations. This area will continue to be updated with new resources as they are developed.
Utilizing Caliper Within Blackboard Learn
Product DocumentationDec 23, 2016
Article #: 000071126
—Beginning with Learn 9.1 Q4 2016, we are certified for Caliper 1.0. These instructions will help users get started with sending and receiving Caliper events in Learn.
The Blackboard REST API Framework
Product DocumentationApr 26, 2016
Article #: 000053330
—Blackboard’s new REST API Framework is a giant step forward for integrating with Blackboard Learn.  By moving the integration from in-process code to a separate machine the health of your Blackboard Learn instance is dramatically improved by lowering complexity and reducing the amount of code running in a single location.  The new REST API and Developer Portal are a work in progress and will continually grow in functionality as Blackboard Learn, the REST APIs, and the Developer Portal continue to mature.
Multi-Institution for Partner Cloud
Product DocumentationNov 05, 2015
Article #: 000061565
—Multi-Institution Installation details for Partner Cloud.