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Language Localization Coming Soon to Behind the Blackboard™!

Date Published: Oct 04,2016

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Announcement Details:

Updated Bulletin (published October 4, 2016):

Blackboard is on track to launch the localized Behind the Blackboard™ Customer Support portal the week of October 10, 2016.  Please review the original bulletin below, along with the new Behind the Blackboard™ functionality here:

Original Bulletin (published September 23, 2016):

Blackboard is proud to announce that a language localization option will soon be added to the Behind the Blackboard Customer Support portal, accommodating English (US), International Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.  By selecting your preferred language using the new drop-down menu, you will be presented with translated content and your preference will be remembered for your next login.  If English is your preferred language, no action will be required on your part.  Please be aware that only static content will be translated; case content, knowledge base article content, and picklist values will remain in English for now. 

This new localization functionality does not change other features of Behind the Blackboard.  You will continue to access the Self Service Resources, Community Resources, Knowledge Base, and Case Submission system via Behind the Blackboard

The expected launch of the localized Behind the Blackboard portal is mid-October. We will communicate with you again in coming weeks to provide screenshots and detailed instructions for choosing your preferred language. In the meantime, please contact Client Support via a case or at your appropriate Client Support Phone Numbers if you have any questions or concerns.

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