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Blackboard Learn Course Conversion Tool

Date Published: Oct 15,2019

CategoryProduct:Course Tools; Version:Learn 9.1 Q4 2019 (3800.0.0),Learn 9.1 Q4 2017 (3300.0.0),Learn 9.1 Q2 2018 (3400.0.0),Learn 9.1 Q4 2018 (3500.0.0),Learn 9.1 Q2 2019 (3700.0.0)
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Blackboard Learn

Announcement Details:

Blackboard has created a Course Conversion Tool that will provide institutions with a simple option to import course material from other LMS platforms into Blackboard Learn.  Our goal is to make it easier for you to partner with Blackboard as you transition courses from another LMS provider.  This tool will simplify the LMS transition process.

The Course Conversion Tool allows course cartridges exported from another provider to be converted to Blackboard Learn compatible course cartridges.  Currently, the tool supports course exports from the following LMS platforms:

  1. Pearson eCollege
  2. Desire2Learn Brightspace
  3. Moodle 2.x/3.x
  4. Instructure Canvas 1.1/1.3

Best of all, it’s free!  The Course Conversion Tool is included with a customer’s Learn license at no charge and is supported by Blackboard Support.

Blackboard Consulting also offers Course Conversion Services providing planning, course conversion, and conversion quality assurance. There are additional fees involved with this process.  Course Conversion Services is custom scoped and based on a sample set of courses with a defined project timeline.  It includes basic QA of converted courses including basic navigation, audio/video content verification, image placement/inclusion, and broken links.

*Note: The Course Conversion Tool is known to work with the latest release of Java 8 and Java 11.  The Tool has not been tested with Java 9, and that release is not recommended as it may not function with the Course Conversion Tool.


DocumentationCourse Conversion Tool
Blackboard Course Conversion Tool User Manual.docBlackboard Course Conversion Tool - 7.1

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