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Students Receive Forum Subscription Emails from Courses in Which They are no Longer Enrolled

Date Published: Aug 10,2017

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:Learn; Product:Communication Tools; Version:9.1
Article No.: 000054012
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Students are receiving forum subscription emails for courses in which they are not enrolled.


The student will normally report to the administrator that they are receiving emails from a course that they aren't enrolled in. After verifying that the student does not have an enrollment in the course (including disabled enrollments) the admin submits a support case.

 This invalid data condition can be verified in the database by running the following queries:

Check the entries in USER_FORUM_SETTINGS:
(Note: the below query is only valid through SP14, as CONFERENCE_OWNER was dropped from the database schema starting with the April 2014 release.)

select ufs.pk1, u.user_id, cm.COURSE_ID, ufs.forum_role, ufs.SUBSCRIBED_IND, forum_name
from user_forum_settings ufs, forum_main fm, conference_main cfm, conference_owner co, users u, course_main cm
where ufs.USERS_PK1 = u.pk1
and ufs.FORUMMAIN_PK1 = fm.pk1
and fm.confmain_pk1 = cfm.pk1
and cfm.CONFERENCE_OWNER_PK1 = co.pk1
and co.OWNER_PK1 = cm.pk1
and users_pk1 = (select pk1 from users where user_id = 'USER_ID')
order by COURSE_ID;

Check the users's current enrollments:

select cu.pk1, u.user_id, cm.course_id
from course_users cu, course_main cm, users u
where cu.crsmain_pk1 = cm.pk1 and cu.users_pk1 = u.pk1
and cu.users_pk1 = (select pk1 from users where user_id = 'USER_ID')

If you are seeing courseIDs in the first set of results but not in the second set of the results, you are likely seeing this issue.


The COURSE_USERS_RM() stored procedure fails to clear records from USER_FORUM_SETTINGS when a student is unenrolled from a course.


Once you have found the record in USER_FORUM_SETTINGS for which there is no enrollment, you can remove it from the database by using the following procedure:

exec USER_FORUM_SETTINGS_RM(p1=>1234);

IMPORTANT: Change the value above to the pk1 value of the USER_FORUM_SETTINGS record you want to delete.

This is known issue AS-150719 and is targeted for resolution in 9.1 SP5.

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