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All Answers Option in Original Course View Assessment Persists after Course Copy into an Ultra Course and Overrides the Unchecked Show Correct Answers Option

Date Published: Jul 15,2020

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:SaaS - v3800.13.0; Product:Course Tools; Version:Ultra
Article No.: 000059245
Blackboard Learn
Service Pack(s):
When a Test is setup with the "All Answers" option enabled in an Original Course and then copied into an Ultra Course, that setting remains in effect despite unchecking the "Show Correct Answers" option in the Ultra Test. This means that despite the "Show Correct Answers" option being unchecked in the Ultra Test, the Students may still see the correct answers to the questions in their submitted Attempts.
Steps to Repeat:
  1. Log into Blackboard Learn (SaaS environment with Original and Ultra Course View) as System Administrator
  2. Create a new Ultra View Course and an Original View Course
  3. Enroll into both Courses as Instructor
  4. Enroll a Student user into the Course
  5. Navigate to the Original View Course > Create a new Test with at least one Multiple Choice question
  6. Deploy Test to a Content Page with the settings to allow Unlimited Attempts
  7. Make Test Available to Students and Show Test Results and Feedback to Students, After Submission and All Answers
    • Note:  If you take the Test now as a Student, they do not see the correct answers on Submit.  Instead, the Student sees all the possible answers for that question.
  8. Log in as System Administrator
  9. Copy that Original Course to the Ultra Course created in Step 2
  10. Navigate to Settings of deployed Test in Ultra Course
  11. Verify that Show Correct Answers is not enabled
    • Note:  If Show Correct Answers is enabled, turn it Off > Submit
  12. Log in as Student 
  13. Navigate to the Ultra Course > Test
  14. Submit
Expected Behavior:
The Correct Answer does not display to the user who submitted the Attempt, as the option for Show Correct Answers was not selected.

Observed Behavior:
The Correct Answer is highlighted despite the fact that the option for Show Correct Answers" was not selected.


  1. Go to the "Original View" options temporarily for the Test by hovering over the Test itself and the Course to get the content and course pk1s and plug them into a URL like (swapping <hostname> and pk1s as appropriate):
    • https://<hostname>/webapps/assessment/do/content/assessment?action=MODIFY&course_id=_1682_1&content_id=_34662_1&assessmentType=Test&method=modifyOptions
    • Note:  In the above example it is course pk1 = 1682 and content (Test) pk1 = 34662
  2. Visit that URL in the same browser in another tab
    • Note:  All Answers is still checked
  3. Uncheck All Answers > Submit
  4. Take the Test again as the Preview user
  5. Review the new Attempt and note that the correct answer no longer displays and respects the unchecked Show Correct Answers" option set in the Ultra Test options

Target Release:

SaaS - Fixed (v3800.12.0)

Patch Available:


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