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Course Deletion Incomplete if Auto-Archive Fails

Date Published: Mar 15,2021

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:Functioning as Designed; Product:Data Management & Integrations,System Tasks; Version:Learn 9.1, 3900.0.0,Learn 9.1 Q4 2019 (3800.0.0),Learn 9.1, 3900.2.0,Learn 9.1, 3900.4.0,SaaS
Article No.: 000055452
Blackboard Learn
Service Pack(s):
Learn 9.1, 3900.0.0, Learn 9.1 Q4 2019 (3800.0.0), Learn 9.1, 3900.2.0, Learn 9.1, 3900.4.0, SaaS
When deleting courses in Learn, the system triggers the Auto-Archive feature to export a backup file for the deleted course. If the Auto-Archive fails, the course is not deleted as intended, but disabled with a status of "3".
Steps to Repeat:
Ensure that the Auto-Archive functionality is enabled by default.
  1. Log into Blackboard Learn as System Administrator
  2. Delete a Course by any means
    • Note:  this generates a system task in background
  3. Check the system task by navigating to System Admin > Logs > System Tasks Status
    • During this process, the system will generate a Course Archive before the course is deleted
    • The course will be disabled awaiting deletion;
Observed Behavior:
If the archive fails for any reason, the course will remain disabled, but it will not be deleted.  The System task status will be "Incomplete"and the following error is logged in "bb-services-log.txt":
2020-04-07 01:17:29 -0400 - [FATAL] CourseManagerAction.remove(...) :  username=administrator ; PkId{key=_1_1, 
                          , container=blackboard.persist.DatabaseContainer@786ddcfd} ;
                                    courses ids = [ _nnnn_1 ]  ;  isRemoveAllFiles() = true
2020-04-07 01:18:30 -0400 - [ERROR] Error: An unexpected error occurred during Basic LTI tools processing.
For more information, consult the detailed log.
2020-04-07 01:19:11 -0400 - [WARNING] Status: The operation archive has completed.
2020-04-07 01:19:11 -0400 - [ERROR] Auto-archive failed when deleting course 'xxxx'

Expected Behavior:
The course deletion completes successfully, without error.


System Admin Panel
  • Course status changes to box with red "X", but never deletes. 
  • Deletion task status at System Admin > Logs > System Tasks Status is "Complete with errors"
  • In bb-services-log.txt log, there will be a record about the Auto-archive and deleting course fail: 
    2020-04-07 03:28:35 -0400 - [ERROR] Auto-archive failed when deleting course xxxx
    2020-04-07 03:28:35 -0400 - [ERROR] Failed deleting course xxxx - blackboard.base.NestedRuntimeException: Course xxxx cannot be deleted because auto-archive failed.
                                        For course delete to succeed, manually delete stuff inside the course until the archive works.
        at blackboard.apps.platform.course.CourseDeleteQueuedOperation.lambda$execute$0(
        at blackboard.persist.IgnoreRowStatusContextManager.set(
        at blackboard.apps.platform.course.CourseDeleteQueuedOperation.execute(
        at blackboard.platform.queue.QueuedTaskManager.processTask(
        at blackboard.platform.queue.QueuedTaskManager$WorkerThread.doRun(
  • In the /internal/autoArchive folder for the course, the last auto archive log file will contain an error that varies depending on the reason for the failure.


Auto-archive is a feature in Learn SaaS and 9.1 designed to help administrators to recover courses that could have been deleted by mistake or need to be restored for other reasons.  When the Auto-archive fails, the course deletion is designed to not process it any further.


Re-enable the course: bulk delete all contents from the course and attempt to delete the course itself again.

If a third party B2 caused the error, set the B2 to inactive, open a support case with the third-party vendor to fix the B2. If these do not resolve the issue contact Blackboard Client Support for assistance.

One of the most common B2s to cause this issue is Oscelot Basic LTI. Blackboard, Inc. The open source developer has issued an update which resolves these issues: KB № 000075236 Update Third Party Building Block to Optimize Auto-archives


One of the more common causes of the error is failures with Third-Party B2s. To determine the cause of the error:
  1. Go to System Admin > Manage Content
  2. Click Search Content > Basic Search Search as follows:
    1. in the File Name or Folder Name box enter the ID of the course
    2. In the Search From box enter /internal/autoArchive with camel-case capitalization, as indicated
    3. You may need to click "Search Again Via Database" if the search reveals nothing
  3. Click the Edited header twice to sort by age . There are ZIP file and text files. The text files are the logs for the zip files with the corresponding names
  4. Open the text file associated with the last zip file, the error messages will appear in the file
If a third party B2 caused the error, set the B2 to inactive, open a support case with the third-party vendor to fix the B2.

Target Release:

Functioning As Designed

Patch Available:


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