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Assessment Passwords do not work and Cause Errors with Proctoring Software such as Respondus

Date Published: Oct 17,2020

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:Future Reference; Product:Data Management & Integrations,Course Tools; Version:SaaS
Article No.: 000059016
Blackboard Learn
Service Pack(s):
Assessment Passwords are not working consistently in 3800.17. This causes errors with test proctoring software, which relies on the password feature to prevent non-proctored access to the test.
Steps to Repeat:
This known issue is actively being worked by our Product Development team.  This article will be updated with specific fix information as soon as a fix is determined.

The steps outlined below allow reproduction of the issue without relying on the availability of external software such as Respondus Lockdown Browser.  The exact symptoms in proctoring software affected by the issue are vendor specific.
  1. Log into Blackboard Learn as System Adminstrato
  2. Navigate to a Course 
  3. Quickenroll in Course and go to Assessments > Test
  4. Create or reuse an existing an Assessment/Test
  5. Navigate to Test Options page > Test Availability > Select Make Available to Students
  6. Set the Password to the specific value c5859025419968 
  7. Submit to deploy the test
  8. Enter Student Preview and take the Test
  9. After clicking Begin the Test will prompt for the password. Enter the password value
Expected Behavior:
The Test begins.

Observed Behavior:
The following message occurs:
"Password is incorrect."
Access to the test is denied.


Users cannot access some tests with passwords.
Test Proctoring software is not reliably able to access the test.


Add or remove some characters to the password.  This issue is due to the hashing algorithm used to protect the password string.  While hard to predict a specific value that will or will not work, adding and removing some characters can help because it changes the hash value and may avert the issue.


This problem is confined to 3800.17.0. It does not occur in Self and Managed-Hosting releases.

Target Release:

Future Reference

Patch Available:


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