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Learning Module Image not Copied During Course Copy

Date Published: Feb 22,2019

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:Will Not Fix; Product:Content Management,Course Tools; Version:SaaS
Article No.: 000066235
Blackboard Learn
Service Pack(s):
Learning Module image not copied during Course copy.
Steps to Repeat:
  1. Log in as System Admin
  2. Go to System Admin > Courses > Create New Course
  3. Create Course with defaults
  4. Import Course Package
  5. Go to Course > Learning Modules
  6. Click on a file attachment in the module
Observed Behavior:
File attachment opens in new window with
  1. Go back to Course > Control Panel > Package & Utilities > Course Copy
  2. Copy Course using defaults (or Copy links and copies of the content (include entire Course home folder))
  3. Wait for Course copy to complete. Repeat steps 5 & 6
Observed Behavior:
The specified resource was not found, or you do not have permission to access it

Expected Behavior:
File to open and be located at xythos path


Course copy logs contain several errors:
  • PopulateLinkedContentManager failure
    • blackboard.platform.filesystem.FailedToFindException: Could not find: xxxxx_1
      at blackboard.cms.xythos.XythosFileSystemUtil.findFileSystemEntryByXythosId(
      at blackboard.cms.xythos.XythosFileSystemUtil.findFileSystemEntryByConstructedURL(
      at blackboard.cms.xythos.XythosFileSystemUtil.findFileSystemEntryByRequest(
      at blackboard.cms.platform.contentsystem.manager.impl.ResourceLinkManagerImpl.addLinkedProperty(
      at blackboard.cms.platform.contentsystem.manager.impl.ResourceLinkManagerImpl.saveResourceLink(
      at blackboard.cms.platform.contentsystem.manager.impl.ResourceLinkManagerImpl.registerResourceLink(
      at blackboard.cms.cxutil.CSFileCopyHandlerImpl.updateCSLinks(
      at blackboard.cms.cxutil.CSFileCopyHandlerImpl.updateCSLinks(
      at blackboard.admin.persist.course.impl.clone.AdminCourseCloneOperator.doEmbeddedDatabaseIdTranslation(
      at blackboard.admin.persist.course.impl.clone.AdminCourseCloneOperator.clone(
      at blackboard.admin.persist.course.impl.CourseSiteDbPersister$
      at Method)
      at blackboard.admin.persist.course.impl.CourseSiteDbPersister.clone(
      at blackboard.admin.persist.course.impl.clone.QueuedCloneOperation.doClone(


There is a workaround but it is tedious:
Go into each learning module, then the sub folder, then select the exercise, edit it, mark the existing file for removal, and then re-add the file from the Content Collection, then submit the changes, then verify it works.

Target Release:

Will Not Fix

Patch Available:


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