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Free Trials not Transitioning into vRooms

Date Published: Jul 20,2015

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:Will Not Fix; Product:Known Issues & Error Messages; Version:Web Conferencing
Article No.: 000038238
Collaborate -Web Conferencing
Service Pack(s):
Web Conferencing
Issue Description:
At this time the Free Trial rooms are expiring and no longer switching to free 3 seat vRooms.
Steps to Repeat:
Once your Free Trial expires after 30 days you will receive an email notifying you of the change and the links you have will no longer work.


When accessing your Free Trial room link you will receive an invalid error message like the error shown below.

User-added image


At this time please either sign up for a new Free Trial using a new email address or visit and call 800-424-9299 for a more permanent solution.

Target Release:

Will Not Fix

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