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Client Listservs

Date Published: Apr 03,2017

CategoryProduct:ANGEL,Learn,CE/Vista; Version:Learn,ANGEL,CE/Vista
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Blackboard Learn
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Support Tools
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Run by clients, Blackboard listservs provide a quick way to get your questions answered or make your opinions known.  Sign up for the listserv most relevant to your needs and you’ll find independent answers to hundreds of Blackboard-related questions.

If you would like to join a new community discussion group, please visit the Blackboard Community Site.


By Platform: 

These product-focused listservs deal primarily with Blackboard Learn and the Blackboard Academic Suite (including the Blackboard Learning System, Blackboard Community System, and Blackboard Content Systems.

  • Bb Content System - Princeton listserv for Blackboard Content System users
  • UK BbUG List - Hosted by the JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) for Blackboard users in the UK
Important Information:

By Role:


These listservs focus on effect practices, tips and tricks.  They appeal to those focused on teaching, learning and engaging with students.

  • Bb Faculty Support Community - Hosted by the University of Miami.  Supports faculty members who use Blackboard Learn or the Blackboard Academic Suite

System Adminstrators

These listservs focus on tips, tricks, bug inquiries and analyses for System Administrators and tend to be more technical in nature.



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