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Download the Collaborate Launcher Again?

Date Published: Sep 06,2019

CategoryPlanned First Fix Release:Collaborate; Product:Web Conferencing; Version:Web Conferencing
Article No.: 000051138
Blackboard Collaborate
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Sometimes the page to start accessing a Collaborate Original session or recording appears to ask you download the Collaborate Launcher when you have already installed it.

Download Launcher Screen Shot

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This page is shown to new users and returning users who have their browser set to not keep cookies, have cleared their cookies and cache since they downloaded it initially or are accessing a session/recording link from a different browser than first used. It is easy to notice the download button and miss the message below asking if you have already downloaded the launcher.


Click the "Launch Blackboard Collaborate now" link at the lower section of this page. This will then begin the download of a .collab file needed to open your meeting or recording.

Launch Blackboard Collaborate Link

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