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Collaborate Ultra - How to monitor what you are writing when using a camera

Date Published: Mar 18,2020

CategoryProduct:Help & FAQs; Version:Ultra Experience
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Collaborate - Ultra Experience
Ultra Experience

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The Collaborate Ultra web camera video preview window in the lower left hand corner shows as being mirrored or reversed, which can make it difficult to monitor writing being shown via a camera feed. This article will show users how to open and mute a second session to monitor the camera and what is being written in a bigger window.

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Login to your Collaborate Ultra session as instructor, using your preferred browser. Next, use the session guest link to open a participant session in a NEW BROWSER WINDOW IN FIREFOX. In the student session, in Firefox, right click on the tab and select MUTE TAB. Align both your participant and instructor windows so that you can see both at the same time. Turn on your web camera or document camera and microphone in your instructor session only. Start to record if you wish. You will be able to monitor your writing on the bigger screen in your participant window.
Mute Tab Firefox

DO NOT TRY TO APPLICATION SHARE THE WINDOW. Application sharing will result in your writing in the recording being mirrored.

Monitoring a document camera

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