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Getting Started with the Collaborate Original App

Date Published: Nov 15,2017

CategoryProduct:First Time Users; Version:Web Conferencing
Article No.: 000047708
Collaborate - Web Conferencing
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User Documentation

Document Summary:

This article provide instructions about how to use the Collaborate Original App.

Document Details:

First time users:
  • Enter session link and your name
  • Click Done
User-added image
  • Click Open
User-added image
  • Application Interface appears
User-added image
Upper Menu:
User-added image
  • Click  User-added image   to open Room Options
  • Open the Room Options screen. From here you can access the main room, breakout rooms, update your settings, and leave the session.
  • Click  User-added image   to engage Audio.
  • Tap the talk button to activate your microphone. The button depresses and shows a timer for a short time. When the microphone icon reappears in a down state, you can speak. If your microphone has been disabled, the Talk button appears with a line through it.
  • Click User-added image  to access Participant panel:
  • Open the Participants List to view who is in the session. On the iPad, the Participants list is open by default. Tap the recliner mode button to hide it.
User-added image

Bottom Menu:
  • Tap  User-added image  to select a graphic to express yourself. The graphic will display on the Participant list
User-added image
  • Tap  User-added image  to place an (away) label beside your name in the Participant list. Tap the clock again to clear your away status. Your status will also be set to Away if you put your phone to sleep, access another app, or return to your phone's home screen while your talk button is set to OFF.
  •  Tap  User-added image  to raise your hand and be placed into a queue. The number beside your hand indicates your place in the order based on when you raised your hand.
  • Tap User-added image  to respond to a polling question with one of the allowed responses as determined by the moderator, or to clear your current answer. In the menu that opens, tap the desired response.
 User-added image 
  • Tap  User-added image  at the bottom of the Main Content screen. Your device's software keyboard opens. Type your message. Tap Send to publish your text chat message to the room and keep the keyboard open. Tap Done on the device keyboard to send the message to the room and close the keyboard.


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