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Web Conferencing - Error: device failed to send video QTKitVideo.m:483 on Mac Mojave

Date Published: Feb 08,2019

CategoryProduct:Known Issues & Error Messages; Version:Web Conferencing
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Collaborate - Web Conferencing
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Error Summary

Mac Mojave 10.14 users on Blackboard Collaborate Original may see "cannot read video source : java.lang.runtimeException : device failed to send video QTKitVideo.m:483" when turning on the camera.

Affected Platforms

Mac Mojave 10.14 

Document Details:


New security settings in Mojave may require users to manually allow the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher to access their camera.


  1. Close any open Blackboard Collaborate Sessions
  2. Open the Apple Menu
  3. Open System Preferences
  4. Open Security & Privacy
  5. Select the Privacy tab
  6. Select the Camera
  7. Make sure the "Blackboard Collaborate Launcher" has access to the camera.
  8. If the "Blackboard Collaborate Launcher" is not listed, unlock the screen and add the "Blackboard Collaborate Launcher".
  9. Restart the computer
  10. Recheck the settings and try your Blackboard Collaborate session again
Security and Privacy with camera allowed

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