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Collaborate Ultra Large Event Request

Date Published: Sep 10,2019

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A Collaborate Ultra large event is defined as a session between 250 - 500 concurrent users.  Customers who are planning a large event should notify Collaborate’s support team by submitting a support ticket. Our support team needs at least 72 business hours prior notice to prepare for the event.

Important Notes for creating Ultra Large Events: 

  • Moderator Access Licenses are limited to 100 users in a session and therefore do not qualify to have a large event under this license type.
  • Ultra Large Events do not support LMS creation, the session must be created via the Ultra Scheduler
  • The session name must contain only alphanumeric characters
  • Ultra Large Events can be scheduled for up to a maximum of 4 hours in length, please set a date, start and end time for the Collaborate Ultra session before opening a support case.

    Set a date, start and end time
  • Recurring sessions are not supported for Ultra Large Events, please create a new session for each event
  • Ultra Large Events cannot be back to back, or overlap. Please allow a minimum of 30 min between sessions
  • Please do not provide links to attendees until the Ultra Large Event has been confirmed by support
  • If the large event has been cancelled, please update the case to cancel it on the schedule
  • Ultra Experience Large Events will have chats, whiteboard editing, and microphone disabled upon entry for participants. The chat can be enabled in session by the moderator under My Settings > Session Settings. Breakout Rooms are also unavailable for Large Events in Collaborate Ultra.
Who Should Notify Collaborate?
Customers with sessions anticipated to have between 250 - 500 concurrent users.

Process for Notifying Collaborate Support

Requests are to be submitted in a support case through the Support Portal, using the following fields when applicable:

  • Product: Web Conferencing
  • Issue Topic: Ultra Experience
  • Functional Area: Large Event Request
  • Subject/Error Message: Large Event Request (or similar)
  • Case Description should include the following: 
    • Session Contact
    • Session Date/Time
    • Duration of Session
    • # of Expected Attendees
    • Session Name
    • Guest Link
    • Any additional details

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You can visit our calendar in the following link in order to check the server's availability in your region:

Best Practices for Moderators in Large Events when using Collaborate Ultra:

  • Let your participants join the session early. This gives new participants a chance to get familiar with the room and what they can and can't do. Join the session early yourself and practice using the tools.
  • Upload files and arrange the windows. The first time you share your application screen, your browser may require you to install the Desktop Sharing extension. To learn more, see Application Sharing Support for Chrome or Application Sharing Support for Firefox.
  • All moderators should access the settings to configure their audio before the session begins. This can be done within the session by clicking on My Settings > Set up your camera and microphone. To learn more, click here
  • Mute yourself when not speaking. Nothing is more distracting than hearing outside sounds like typing or a side conversation.
  • Chat for participants is disabled by default, but can be enable by a Moderator in the session under My Settings > Session Settings. We suggest leaving the chat off during the presentation and having designated periods of Question and Answer time where the chat is enabled to allow users to ask questions.

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