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Web Conferencing - File and Recording Storage FAQ

Date Published: Nov 09,2018

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This FAQ answers questions about Collaborate Original file and recording storage.


Can you record Collaborate Web Conferencing sessions?

Yes, Collaborate Original can record a native mode recording of your session. All activity that occurs in the main room of a Web Conferencing session is recorded, into a native mode recording, with the following exceptions:

  • Private Chat Messages
  • The Timer
  • Personal Notes
  • Anything that occurs in a Breakout Room

An MP4 conversion of a native mode Web Conferencing recording contains the following content:

  • Room Audio
  • Application Sharing/Whiteboard OR Active Speaker Video if no Application Sharing/Whiteboard sharing is occurring.

Recordings will be available shortly after the session is completed and all participants have left the session. For complete instructions on how to record your Collaborate with the Ultra experience please review our recording documentation on

Where is my content (uploads and recordings) stored?

Collaborate Original native mode recordings are stored in a Blackboard Datacenter by region while MP4, and MP3 conversions of recordings are stored in Amazon's S3 service by region. The first table below shows the geography of the stored native mode recording data.  The second table shows the current geography of the stored MP3 and MP4 data.

Native Mode (vcr)MP3 & MP4
US-SASUS (Virginia)
EU-SASNetherlands (Amsterdam)
AU-SASAustralia (Sydney)
CA-SASCanada (Alberta)
RegionAWS Zone
USUS-East (Virginia)
EUEU-West (Ireland)
AUEU-West (Ireland) (converted before Nov. 24th, 2018) / AP-Southeast (Asia Pacific - Sydney) (converted after Nov. 24th, 2018)
CAEU-West (Ireland) (converted before Nov. 24th, 2018) / CA-Central (Montreal) (converted after Nov. 24th, 2018)
AU and CA hosted client's Blackboard Collaborate Original MP4's and MP3's converted after November 24th, 2018 will be hosted on AWS Sydney and AWS Montreal. AU and CA Collaborate Original MP4's and MP3's converted before November 24th, 2018 will continue to be hosted on EU-West (Ireland). Please see KBA 000049861 for more details.

Amazon S3 uses Amazon CloudFront to cache and quickly serve up files to clients depending on their geo location. Those files can be cached for a period of time (no less than 24 hours) on the CloudFront edge server. Clients hosted on AWS Ireland should note that depending on a requesting user's location, the file can possibly be cached on a United States hosted Amazon CloudFront edge servers.

Important Note:  MP3 and MP4 conversions for native mode Recordings for the institution can be disabled by opening a support case in Behind the Blackboard and requesting these features be disabled if your institution cannot allow data to be stored in Ireland or use Amazon CloudFront.

Historical location of Web Conferencing MP3 and MP4 storage locations:

CurrentQ2 2015Q2 2016Q4 2018
USBB VA2 (Virginia)USBB VA2 (Virginia)USAWS US-East (Virginia)USAWS US-East (Virginia)
EUAWS EU-West (Ireland)EUBB AMS1 (Netherlands)EUAWS EU-West (Ireland)EUAWS EU-West (Ireland)
AUAWS EU-West (Ireland) / AWS AP-Southeast (Sydney)AUBB AMS1 (Netherlands)AUAWS EU-West (Ireland)AUAWS AP-Southeast (Sydney)
CAAWS EU-West (Ireland) / AWS CA-Central (Montreal)CABB AMS1 (Netherlands)CAAWS EU-West (Ireland)CAAWS CA-Central (Montreal)

Can I create multiple recordings in my Collaborate Original session?

A Collaborate Original session can have only one recording.  It is possible to pause and resume a recording at different points within a single session. Pressing the recording start/ stop button multiple times will produce only a single recording.

This functionality is different from Collaborate with the Ultra experience sessions.

How long does it take before I or someone else can view the recordings?

Your recording should be available for viewing within minutes of the ending of the Web Conferencing session. All participants of the session must leave the Web Conferencing session so that it may properly shutdown. Once all participants in a session have left and the session has shutdown the recording will be available for both you and anyone else that needs to view it. 

Can I download my Collaborate Original recordings?

Users can download recordings on the recording play back page.

How do I access my Collaborate Original recordings in the SAS?

Click the My Recordings link in the SAS. You can view Recordings by date, max 30 day range, or by user if you administer multiple users. From here you can initiate MP3 or MP4 conversions of your recordings.

SAS MyRecordings page for Collaborate Web Conferencing recordings.

Can I delete my Collaborate Original recordings?

Yes, you will be able to delete recordings in SAS Utilities section.

Can I rename my Collaborate Original recording?

Yes, you can rename a recording in Meeting applet in the SAS Utilities section.

Do I get SAS notification when my Collaborate Original recording is ready?

Yes, the session owner will get an email that contains a link to the recording. Session invitees can receive an email if the appropriate option has been enabled for the session, otherwise the session owner will have to provide this link to users whom they wish to share the native mode recording, MP3, or MP4 with. CMS integration users will not receive an email.

Can I track who has viewed the Collaborate Original recording?

Yes, you can enable Recording Viewer Details to see who viewed the recording.  Recording Viewer Details requires those who view the recording to provide their name and email address.

Can I password protect a Collaborate Original recording?

No, at this time you cannot password protect your recordings.

Can I migrate my Collaborate Original recordings?

Both the Collaborate Original and the Collaborate with Ultra experience can be utilized in parallel. All existing .vcr and .mp4 recordings for Collaborate Original will remain available for use with the current version. We do not plan on migrating recordings from the current version(s) into the Collaborate with Ultra experience format.

What are my Collaborate Original recording limits?

There is a 50 GB limit for recordings created in the Original view.
For recordings created in the Collaborate with the Ultra experience a 500 GB limitation will apply.

Is there a MP4 Viewing Limit?

Yes, for Web Conferencing sessions converted to MP4 format there are limits in place. Please review our documentation regarding the MP4 Viewing limit on Web Conferencing session here: Storage Capacity and View Limit for Converted MP4 Recordings

Why are my chat messages or live captions not in the MP4 version of my recording?

Currently chat messages and Live Captions are not inserted into the MP4 version of a Web Conferencing recording.  If desired the Chat and Live Captioning information that is present in the native mode of the recording can be obtained using Elluminate Publish.

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