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Error:Unable to launch application: Qustodio

Date Published: Apr 20,2017

Category:Planned_First_Fix_Release:Collaborate; Product:Web_Conferencing_Known_Issues_and_Error_Messages_Web_Conferencing; Version:Web_Conferencing
Article No.: 000042294
Collaborate - Web Conferencing
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User Documentation

Document Summary:

Error Summary:

Qustodio application is giving an error message.

Affected Platforms

Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

Document Details:


Each time a Collaborate Original session is launched you may see the following error message:

User-added image


This error is caused by the Qustodio application installed on the computer.

To ensure this error doesn't occur, follow the steps below:

1.Log into the settings of Qustodio
2.Click the tab Application rules
3.Allow the Blackboard Launcher application

If the Blackboard Launcher application is added to the Application rules and you are still getting the same error message then you will need to uninstall Qustodio completely. 

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