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Web Conferencing - Best Practices for Preventing Echoing in Audio

Date Published: Jun 17,2014

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This article provides best practice information to prevent audio echo within your Web Conferencing session.

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Best Practices for Preventing Echoing in Audio

Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing has built-in echo cancellation that enables you to participate in sessions using your computer's built-in microphone and speakers rather than a headset. Typically, echoing will not be an issue, however, in rare instances, it may still occur:

  • If you hear your own voice echoing, the problem is on another person’s side.
  • If another person can hear their own voice echoing, the problem may be on your side.


If the problem is on your side (others are reporting an echo from your computer), there are few things you can do to mitigate the echoing:

  • Ensure your Microphone option Cancel echo between microphone and speakers (under Preferences) is turned on. (It is on by default.) 
  • If you are using speakers and have your speaker volume too high, you may create an echo. Either lower your speaker volume manually or run the Audio Setup Wizard to find an ideal balance between your microphone and speaker volumes. For instructions, refer to the topic Using the Audio Setup Wizard in the Participant's Guide.
  • If you are using (non built-in) speakers and a microphone, confirm you have a good distance between the two pieces of hardware to reduce echoing.
  • Echo cancellation is affected by the level of background noise around you. It works best when you’re in a quiet spot.
  • If nothing else works, use a headset or headphones instead of speakers to eliminate echo.
  • If you are sitting in the same physical room as others in the session, all of you should keep your microphones (Talk buttons) off when you are not speaking, even if you are using headsets.

Important Notes

  • Echo cancellation is not a feature on Linux or Mac OS X 10.5 or older systems. If you are on one of these systems, use an echo-cancelling headset and turn off your Talk button when not speaking.
  • As our echo cancellation software learns about your environment you may hear a few seconds of 'chirps'; this is completely normal.  Be aware that, if your environment changes, our software has to adjust and you may hear the 'chirps' again as it reconfigures.

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