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Web Conferencing - Best Practices for Creating PowerPoint Files to be Imported into the Whiteboard

Date Published: Jun 17,2014

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If you are having issues loading PowerPoint files into the Whiteboard due to the Whiteboard’s memory limits, or if you want to reduce the bandwidth used by a Whiteboard consisting of an imported PowerPoint presentation, follow the PowerPoint best practices below:

  • For best results when using web conferencing, set the DPI setting for PowerPoint to 96 DPI (the default is set to 220 DPI).

  • Avoid presentations over 20 MB in size

    You will have greater success if your presentations are not over 20 MB in size. This will allow you to upload a PPT file without having timeout issues (slower connections may be limited).

  • Keep the number of slides in your presentations to less than 60 slides

    While you can upload presentations with more than 60 slides, you will experience better performance if you keep your slide deck to less than 60 slides. If you need to upload more than 60 slides, it is recommended that you divide the PowerPoint into two separate PowerPoint presentations. This provides two benefits: 1) it will give you and your participants a stop point to break up your discussion, and 2) you will experience increased performance.

  • Keep images small

    Avoid using large images in your presentation. Remember that the larger the image, the long it will take your end users to download and view the presentation.

  • Avoid backgrounds with pictures and gradients. Use solid color backgrounds

    Use background images that do not contain too many colors. Individual slides will get converted to still images. The more colors in an image, the longer it will take your end users to download the slide

  • Avoid animations, video, and interactions

    PowerPoint slides get converted to still images, animations are lost and will not be displayed in web conferencing.

  • Use built-in PowerPoint Templates

    Names in the title field of PowerPoint templates will be displayed in web conferencing and will make it easier for you to navigate through your presentation.

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