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Blackboard Collaborate - First Time Users

Date Published: Jun 17,2014 Category:Product:First_Time_Users,First_Timer_Users,First_Time_Usersv,First_Time_Usersvv,First_Time_vvUsers,First_Tivme_Users,First_Time_Uservsv; Version:Collaborate Article No.: 000037079

Product: Collaborate - Web Conferencing

Document Type: Quick Reference

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First Time Users:

View information for first time users for Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing, Blackboard Enterprise Instant Messaging, Wimba Classroom, Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring, Elluminate Session Administration System (SAS),ELM,  Publish, Plan:

Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing

  • Check your System Requirements
  • Test Blackboard Collaborate webconferencing in the Configuration Room
  • Access Training resources
  • Learn more about Blackboard Collaborate 

Blackboard Collaborate Enterprise Instant Messaging

  • Check your System Requirements
  • Install Blackboard IM Client
  • Sync your account with your CMS

Wimba Classroom

  • System Requirements
  • Run the Wimba Classroom Setup Wizard
  • Access Wimba Classroom Training Archives and resources

Blackboard Collaborate Voice Authoring

  • System Requirements
  • Run the Wimba Voice Setup Wizard
  • Access Wimba Voice Training Archives and resources

Session Administration System (SAS)

  • System Requirements
  • Access SAS training archives and resources
  • Learn more about SAS

Blackboard ELM

  • System Requirements
  • Access ELM training archives and resources  
  • Learn more about ELM


  • System Requirements
  • Access Publish! product information and download page
  • Access Publish! training archives and resources
  • Learn more about Publish!


  • System Requirements
  • Access Plan! product information and download page
  • Access Publish! training archives and resources
  • Learn more about Plan!


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