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Using the Collaborate Report an Issue feature

Date Published: Aug 20,2019

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This article contains Instructions on how to use the Report an Issue feature to report issues that you may be encountering during a live Collaborate session.

Issues may include:
  • Poor audio
  • Poor video
  • AppShare failures




How to use Report an Issue

In order for the "Report an Issue" logs to be meaningful and useful, the "Report an Issue" feature must be accessed from within the session where the issue is currently taking place.  
  • Open session menu by clicking on the button in the upper left hand corner of you Collaborate screen (three stacked lines).

    Open Session menu button

  • Click on "Report an Issue"

    Report an Issue button
  • Under "Report an Issue", you will be presented with several options that can be selected to describe your issue.
  • Select the options that closest match your symptoms and provide a brief description of your exact issue in the text box.
User-added image
  • Please copy the entire auto-generated report (Select All, Copy).  You will paste this auto-generated report into your Behind the Blackboard support case that will be created in the next step.

User-added image

  • Click Submit.  This step is VERY important, please do not skip it.

Once you click Submit, you will be presented with the option to "Create a case on Behind the Blackboard".

User-added image

Clicking the "Create a Case" link will open a new browser tab with a form that you can use to create a support case.
The Subject field will be pre-populated with your Collaborate session details.
Do NOT remove or replace this information.
Paste the auto-generated report details (that you copied in the previous step) into the Description field.
Finish filling out the form.
Submit your case.

*Currently only Google Chrome is displaying all network connectivity parameters in the report. Firefox/Safari/Edge will not offer this data.


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